Is That a Bit of Crispness I Feel in the Air?

Weekly Happenings: Since the weather was actually cooperative, we spent quite a bit of this last week outdoors. Basically, if we didn’t have any other commitments (bread baking, story time, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.), we were either in the back yard or at the park in or subdivision. I’m one lucky momma in that Joseph is just as appeased to have me as a playmate as he is having playmates closer to his own age. Monday we did go to the zoo since Paul had the day off.

The Weekly Weather: It has been quite pleasant as of late. It’s actually been cooling down a bit at night (a phenomenon that is not typical of Texas) so that the mornings have been cooler before heating up in the afternoon. Plus, when it did heat up, it was in the low 90s, so that was not too bad, either. Today, however, has been the best of the days…I don’t think it’s even 80 yet. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been keeping busy at work and has been up to his elbows in homework. One neat thing about his new job is that they allow him to take some time during the week to do PT. It’s good that he’ll get some time to work out during the week, because I know it’s something that he’s been missing due to going to school, working, church callings, etc.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly just been plugging along, doing my normal stuff. I did rejoice in the fact that on Thursday I decided to weed the yard and made it through both yards with about half the normal weeds (which means they might be slowing down for the year finally) and the weather was cool enough that I didn’t even break a sweat (as opposed to breaking into a sweat by simply walking outside).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Joseph really loved going to the zoo last Monday, especially since we rode the carousel. He had a really great time at story time (and is really looking forward to the costume parade that will be happening towards the end of the month), and is super-excited about Halloween. He asks just about everyone he sees what they are going to dress up as for Halloween. 🙂 He also loved all of the outdoor time that we’ve been enjoying. There was one funny thing that happened while he was helping me water the plants in the back. I was having him move the hose around to the different planters/raised beds, etc. After the last one, I turned the water off. He was fascinated with the fact that there was still a bit of water that was trying to escape from the hose after I turned off the spigot. I looked over just in time to see him, with lips firmly planted, trying to slurp the last bit of water out of the hose, hahaha. So now I can say that he’s drunk out of the garden hose and survived. 😉 It’s kind of funny the way his mind works, too. Today he noticed that the baby girl in the bench in front of us at church had painted toenails. He asked me if all girls’ toenails came “that way”. I asked him in what way and he answered “Purple…is that what happens to all baby girl toes?” He seemed relieved when I told him that her momma painted her toenails, just like I paint my toenails, and not that they just randomly changed colors. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

He was really excited to get to ride the gorilla. He kept saying, “Wee! Thanks for the ride, Mr. Gorilla!”
He wanted a Play Doh garden (it was an idea that he got from one of the activities that was happening at story time at the library). I quickly made some flowers out of construction paper and pipe cleaners and we used the brown Play Doh as “soil”.
My “flower child”. After we “picked” all the flowers, he decided to open a flower shop. He gave me a flower and when I thanked him, he said, “You’re welcome…that’ll be $100, please.” Man, inflation has gotten out of hand! 😉
Walking around the “forest”. Our park has a large area where it’s just a path through a bunch of trees. Joseph loves to explore around there.
He loves the “big boy swings” but was a bit surprised at their height (we’re working on asking the HOA about lowering the seat height a bit) since they are quite a bit higher than the swings in our back yard.
He has discovered the meaning of “Underdog!” (me pushing him forward, going under him, and then letting him go back), so that’s all he wants me to do. I’m a bit afraid to do a true “Underdog!” because a) it makes him go a bit higher than I’m comfortable with, since he’s just getting used to regular swings and b) I’m a bit afraid he’s going to kick me in the face, hahaha. I do a bit of a modified version, which he’s still okay with. 🙂
Climbing on one of the structures.
Exploring the “forest” on a different day. I really, really love our park.
“Box fighting” (aka boxing) with Daddy. I’m glad that Paul rough houses with Joseph so that I don’t have to. 😉

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