Fall Fun

Weekly Happenings: This past week held some pretty fun events. On Tuesday, we had our National Night Out neighborhood party at the park. It was pretty crowded, so we ended up not staying very long. We did stay long enough for Joseph to get to sit in a fire truck and get a balloon animal, though. He was pretty sad when we left, but Paul and I don’t really like big crowds in small places, so we made our exit a bit early. Wednesday we went to the park (because they weather was amazing), Friday we had some of Joseph’s friends over to watch The Great Pumpkin and have lunch, and yesterday we went out to the pumpkin patch at Love Creek Orchards (in Medina, which is out in the Hill Country). Last night also provided an opportunity for me to see a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen for probably 5 years or more. She was in town for a photography conference and we were able to meet up at the Riverwalk for dinner.

The Weekly Weather: The start of last week was cooler (almost fall-like), but it’s starting to heat up again. *sigh* I’m really looking forward to when it starts to cool down again! We did get a couple of storms, though, so that was nice.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been kept really busy with work, school, and his callings (as well as pulling awesome Daddy-duty when Joseph just NEEDS Daddy and when I’ve gone out with friends).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been keeping busy as well. The beginning of each month is always hectic because I have to work on visiting teaching stuff. I’m also working with the ward choir getting music ready for the next few months. Finally, I’ve started attending another book club. I love to read, but found that I’ve been not reading very much because I’ve been allowing myself to be sucked too much into the vortex that is social media. I’m hoping that if I am attending two book clubs, I will devote more time to the reading of good books. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He loved going to story time this past week (especially since they are starting to focus on Halloween). He was also really excited about the fact that his Halloween costume arrived (he’s going to be Link). We had him try it on to make sure everything fit and it was really hard getting him to take it off, hahaha.

This Week in Pictures:

Hanging out with his Android (this was a Christmas present from Jason almost 3 years ago).
Apparently he wasn’t very happy that I was taking his picture.
He recently acquired a Super Mario Brothers shirt and hat…that he wants to wear all of the time.
At National Night Out. This is as close as he would get to HEBuddy…mascots of any kind sort of freak him out.
He really liked the fire truck, though.
Especially since they let him ride in the front seat.
Dressing a scarecrow at the pumpkin patch.
Winding his way through the hay bale maze.
He’s almost free!
He made it!
He loves cut outs.
I had to hold him up for this one. It was a bit hard because he didn’t want to stick his head through.
My “Texas” outfit.
Me and my sweet boy. 🙂
He liked this one, a lot.
Paul and I were ecstatic that Joseph was big enough to ride the barrel train by himself this year (it’s a rather bumpy ride).
We took a tour of the orchard (with dwarf apple trees that begin producing fruit in 18 months as opposed to 10 years), learned how apple trees are grafted, and learned about the orchard’s environmentally safe pest plan. They use bugs, bats, and birds (apparently kites will eat smaller birds who eat the apples) to get rid of the pests that eat the apples. We also learned how they make cider, and all the kids got to help put apples up to be cleaned.
Joseph felt pretty important getting to “help the farmer”.
They had the hay bale tractor again this year.
Joseph loved it every bit as much as last year.
Doing a bean bag toss.
First time in a tire swing.
Going on the hay ride. Joseph just about lost his mind until Paul made room for him to actually sit ON THE HAY (it was rather crowded) because in his mind, it was NOT a hay ride unless you were sitting ON THE HAY. It was rather bumpy, though, so I was kind of glad when it was over, hahaha.
15 - 1 (51)
My friend Crystal and me after dinner last night. It was so great to catch up with her after so many years!

Bonus Video: Joseph riding on the barrel train.


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