I’m Kinda Done With the Cold

This past week was a mixed bag when it came to the weather. The beginning of the week was typical end of February weather: warmer, sunny, and dry. It even got up to the upper 80s on Monday and Tuesdays. Then on Wednesday, there was an almost-fifty degree drop and all of a sudden, it was ridiculously cold. We’re still cold today, but thankfully today is the last really cold day. I’m ready for the mild warm spring weather! We had a holiday at the beginning of the week, which was nice. Joseph also had a great time at his GT field trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art. He said his favorite part was the Egyptian exhibit with the various sarcophagi. I did a bit of stuff around the house (reorganizing and decorating), and Paul kept himself really busy. On top of various meetings and work, he squeezed in the time to make a console table to sit under the bookshelves. It matches our built-in window seats and table, which is fun.

I mentioned to Paul that it was hard finding dresses for Abigail that were long enough (because she’s rather tall for her age). Amazon to the rescue! Not only are they long enough, but they also have pockets! We got her this one (which she was excited to pair with her sparkly unicorn jelly shoes) and another one that is rainbow stripes.
Seeing them play together is one of my favorite sights.
I went to move one thing around in the pantry and ended up tidying the entire thing (that’s usually how it works every time, haha). I also added labels to my bulk pantry items. No more needing to remember which one has the bread flour vs which one has the regular flour (and long grain vs medium grain rice and so on).
They went walking with me on Monday, which turned out to be rather warm and breezy. We were all glad to get home and back into the AC!
Paul’s table! All that’s left to do is add some supports to the legs to stabilize them a bit more.
On Tuesday, it was 2/22/22, so Abigail’s class dressed up in things that started with the letter T. She chose a tie-dye shirt and a tutu. 🙂
Can you spot the hawk? Paul was headed out to his office on Thursday (he teleworks on Thursdays) and spotted it sitting on the edge of the swing set. The tree trunk is directly behind it, so it’s hard to see at first…but if you look really closely, you can see it.
I decided to tuck away Valentine’s Day stuff a few days early. It might still be cold outside, but at least it’s warm and spring-y inside! I love the rainbow garland that I found at Hobby Lobby. I made the paper shamrocks (I traced around one of my smaller wooden shamrocks) several years ago and I can’t remember how long I’ve had the one that has the Irish blessing on it. I used to put it on the piano, but I decided to hang it up this year.
I love the Irish blessing on this shamrock.
This is a portion of another longer Irish blessing. I thought it was fitting for both St. Patrick’s Day and spring. I’ll probably leave it up through April, too.
My piano set up.
I added the truck this year. The large shamrock was a welcome sign that I bought a few years ago, but I took the welcome bit off as well as the hanger so that I could use it on the piano. I already had the leprechaun and one of the smaller wood shamrocks. When I saw that Hobby Lobby still had the shamrocks (it’s been a couple of years, so I was pleasantly surprised), I grabbed another for a better grouping.
One of my friends went along on the field trip and got this picture of Joseph. 🙂
Abigail found Joseph’s old sock puppet book and wanted me to make her a dragon sock puppet. Luckily, I still had some of the supplies that had come with the book!
She was pretty happy with the outcome.

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