Hooray For Spring!

This past week yielded some warmer, sunnier weather. I’m so grateful! I do not do well with cloudy, overcast, rainy weather. It makes me grumpy! This past week also contained a fun time for the kids (Field Day at school, which was full of fun outdoor activities; I couldn’t go, but a friend of mine went and was able to snap some pictures of Joseph) and a fun time for me and Paul (we actually got a babysitter and went on a date)! One funny story: Now that Abigail is in a booster seat, she can reach the control for her window. On the way home from school one day, she told me she wanted to put her window down so she could “feel the breeze”. Well, once that window was down, she proceeded to stick her head out of the window and squawk like a parrot at a huge group of parents and kids walking home from school. Seeing the looks on their faces (surprise turned into confusion which then quickly turned into laughing) made me laugh so hard I cried. I couldn’t even properly parent (tell her that something like that wasn’t exactly a polite thing to do). In fact, I was having a hard time catching my breath and I even wondered if I ought to pull over because I was laughing so hard. It was just so unexpected (for everyone involved), that it caught me completely off guard. She had been pretending to be a parrot earlier in the day, but I had no idea it had extended to the afternoon. That crazy kid! I love her so much.

When I got this soup pot, I had no idea that I would use it more often for things like holding a turkey while it’s sitting in its brine or (even more often): making rice crispy treats. The enamel coating makes it so much easier to deal with the sticky, marshmallow-y, buttery mixture, though.
I was out watering my plants and couldn’t help but pause and think about how grateful I am for blue skies, warm temperatures, and shade from trees. 🙂
One of my favorite sights: kids home from school (Abigail almost always changes back into pajamas as soon as she can) and snacking while the warm afternoon sunshine comes in through the windows. 🙂
Her hair was still sopping wet after her bath, so I decided to attempt to wrap it up in a towel (it’s way harder to do that to someone else’s head than it is to your own, by the way). She was excited and kept saying, “I look just like you, Mom!” 🙂
Field Day Fun 1: chalk. They both had chalk for the kids to play with as well as a part of the blacktop where teachers had ketchup bottles full of colored chalk dust that they would squirt at the kids.
Field Day Fun 2: squirt bottle battles.
Field Day Fun 3: He loves whenever they bring these things out.
Movie time! We went to go see The Batman. I didn’t care for the language, but aside from that, the movie was really good. It was also really nice to be able to be out, just the two of us. My friend’s daughter babysat the kids and Abigail really loved her. In fact, she was a bit sad this morning when she got up and Molly wasn’t here.
Paul was able to make the cross-pieces for the table and attach them. The table already looked great, but now it looks even better!
Paul took these boards from where they were in the back area of the yard and made a bit of a bridge. This area has always been a bit of a tripping hazard because of the water lines, but now they run under the bridge, which is much better. It looks nice, too. 🙂

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