February Fun

This past week contained Valentines Day. The kids had fun parties, Paul and I were able to go out for lunch, and then Paul also made dinner (he used his smoker to make chicken, baked potatoes, and corn), which was delicious! The rest of the week flew by (it seems like that is a repeating theme, haha). Last night, we had friends over to play games, which was a lot of fun as always.

I couldn’t help but get a close-up of her current smile. I always want to remember all those gaps!
He called me over excitedly because he finally was able to balance his spoon on his bowl. I love this kid!
Paul got me flowers and chocolate for Valentines Day. He’s also going to be building me a console table that will sit in the space under the bookshelves in the living room. 🙂
I got Paul this game. It’s one that he played a long time ago. He was pretty pleased with it. 🙂
Kid valentines bags. 🙂
Our yummy chicken!
Paul also trimmed the trees in the back yard. I’m so grateful for all the hard work he does!
She loves to look at the pictures in the lighthouse book.
She’s been begging to switch to a booster seat, but we weren’t sure if she’d be responsible enough to not just get it into her head to unbuckle herself while the car was going. We had an in depth talk about how she can have the booster if she stays buckled (we also talked about safety and what could happen in a car accident if she didn’t have her seat belt on).
One of my favorite things to do, when I can squeeze it in, is to sit in the recliner and read…I love the cozy view that I have while doing so. I love the sunshine coming into the house.
After I looked more closely at the first picture I had taken of Abigail in her booster, I realized the back was too high. I also remembered that it was adjustable, so when I picked the kids up from school, I made sure to adjust it while she was sitting in it so that I could get the correct height.
I happened to glance out the back door on Thursday evening and could see the sunset reflecting onto the fence boards. I knew it would be a good one, so I grabbed my phone and hopped outside to snap a few pictures.
I’m so glad I did…it was breathtaking!
Yesterday, Abigail asked me to play restaurant with her. She prepared quite the meal for me: salad, tomato soup, and four different kinds of juice: tomato, carrot, mushroom, and garlic. Those last two were a bit of a surprise, but she insisted they would be good. 😉 I love her imagination!

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