Field Trips and Early Fiesta

This week had some fun events for me and the kids. I got to take my students (and Joseph, kinda…it’s convenient that he’s in the same grade that I’m teaching) to the Natural Bridge Caverns. It’s called Natural Bridge because there was one point where a sinkhole opened up and rocks and soil collapsed, leaving some rocks that were connected to each other, making a natural bridge. The caverns were surprisingly warm (the guide said that the caverns stay at a pretty constant 85 degrees year round. I wanted to take pictures of everything! Nature really is amazing. The field trip went really well (nobody fought, threw up, or got lost). The day after the field trip, the school celebrated Fiesta (early, because actual Fiesta will be happening while the older kiddos are doing state testing. There was the shoe box float parade and then parties galore. Finally, Friday was Abigail’s field trip to the zoo. She had a ton of fun!

I have this strange compulsion to take a picture of every old-fashioned windmill I see.
Here’s the Natural Bridge. It’s right at the entrance of the caverns.
The different colors were so fascinating!
I was also fascinated by the ones that looked like stone icicles.
The different textures were really cool. Smooth bits, spikey bits…there was just so much to look at!
Each “room” had names. This one’s name had something to do with castles, I think.
Pluto’s Anteroom (the last room before we got to the deepest part of the caverns) was really cool, too.
This one was called “Bomb Bursting”…can you see the explosion?
This one is called The Watch Tower. It’s the tallest column in the caverns.
Looking down into the Hall of the Mountain King.
I think I got my steps in that day, haha.
I went in to check on her and realized she was half off her bed. I snapped a picture and then carefully put her legs back onto the bed.
Shoe box float parade.
She was in her element!
Her teacher snapped this picture of her at the zoo. This has always been one of her favorite spots.
She is super-excited that we’re growing carrots. And yes…she pretty much lives in her pajamas while at home. 🙂
We went out to eat last night and discovered the restaurant was giving away Fiesta medals (they’re medals that people like to collect from different places during Fiesta and the places will design and release new medals each year). Paul decided to grab one for Abigail. She was pretty excited to get it.

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