Happy 240th Birthday, America!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I had quite the packed week as far as evenings went. I went to a meeting for one of my book clubs and a Relief Society meeting. I also hosted a LuLaRoe party, which is always fun. I love the clothes and love being able to try them on at someone’s house as opposed to trying on clothes in a dressing room. I can get my friends’ input on how things look…it’s just a lot of fun.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: I’ve kind of already mentioned all the fun stuff Joseph got to do this past week (fireworks, swimming, birthday party, sleepover). He is such a social kid and loves to play with friends SO much. It kind of surprises me. Paul and I are social, but we like our quiet times, too. Yet, I remember being like Joseph as a kid…so I suppose I ought not be too surprised. I do make sure that Joseph gets quiet down-time so that he doesn’t think someone needs to be entertaining him 24/7.

This Week in Pictures:

Getting to do one of his favorite Fourth of July things: holding a giant sparkler. 🙂 I really like these sparklers because the fuse is really far away from him and burns out WAY before it gets even remotely close to him (it was already almost completely spent at this point).
i pretty much leave this stuff up year round (I only change the bottom banners out for other holidays), but thought taking another picture of it since it was Fourth of July was warranted.
One day, I got a major craving for Chinese food. Paul, being the amazing man that he is, found where the nearest good place was, and we headed out. Joseph loved getting to use the kid chopsticks (though his love for noodles, veggies, and chicken won out and he eventually switched to a fork).
Another major craving: cold, crisp watermelon. Paul knows how to pick them!
I haven’t done much “cook book cooking” (survival, put food in our bellies cooking is more accurate, haha), but Joseph had been asking for shells and cheese for a couple of weeks. I would always forget by the time it came to meal plan and go grocery shopping, though. He happened to ask about it (again) the morning I was doing the meal plan and making the shopping list, so I was finally able to grant his request. 🙂
He insisted on bringing his swim ring to the pool, but once more of his friends showed up, he abandoned it in pursuit of just splashing around in the shallow end with them.
We were at Target getting the present for his friend’s birthday party and he saw this mask. He really wanted it, but we told him if that was the case, he’d need to use his allowance money to buy it. We went home, counted up how much he had (barely enough for the mask after tithing was taken out), and the next day headed back to get it. He was just a LITTLE excited.
Striking a pose…
Enjoying birthday cake at the party yesterday.
Enjoying birthday cake at the party yesterday.

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