A Fun-Filled Day…wait, it’s July?!

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty average (at leas during the week). We mainly stuck around the house, ran a few errands, etc. Paul spent Wednesday evening and Thursday up with the Scouts at camp (the boys were there for several days, but since it was combined with boys from other troops and our troop only had two boys present, the leaders for our troop were taking turns going up different days). The real fun was yesterday. We woke up, got ready right away, and then headed out to the zoo. We had fun there for a few hours and then headed home so that Paul could do his homework. Towards the evening, some friends of ours asked if we were going to the Helotes 4th of July celebration. Helotes is a small city that is close to us that has a really small town feel. The celebration was at the park and was a lot of fun. There was music, free food, and fireworks. It was really fun to hang out with our friends! We got home pretty late, and by the time we got everyone bathed/showered (as part of the fireworks show they had some people dressed up in 1776-style clothing firing off cannons…consequently, we all smelled like cannon-fire, hahaha) and into pajamas, it was 11:00. Thankfully, Joseph slept in until 8:00 this morning!

The Weekly Weather: It’s been pretty stable, surprisingly. There was only one day where we had a random thunderstorm come through (I say random because rain wasn’t even showing up on the forecast…and it literally poured). The rest of the time it’s been typical South Texas summer weather: warm, humid, and super-sunny.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been kept busy with work, school, and Scouts. He’s gearing up for finals (coming towards the end of this month) after which he’ll be on break from school until mid-September (something I think he’s really looking forward to).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I haven’t been up to too much…mainly just puttering through the week. I did go out with my girlfriends for dessert one evening, which was really fun. Oh, and Joseph and I went to one of my friend’s house for a housewarming party (we left Paul home doing homework that he missed doing because of Scout camp).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been puttering through the week with me. 😉 He experienced a Texas-life-lesson at my friend’s housewarming party, though. When one is out in the backyard playing tag with new friends, one just might run into a fire-ant hill and get ants into one’s shoe…and they (being what they are) will bite. I could hear him crying (mommas have an uncanny way of recognizing their kid’s cry) and met him at the back door. He was telling me about stepping on the ant hill and I looked down and realized they were still crawling on him. I ripped his shoes off (he was wearing his knock-off Crocs) and hit off most of the ants (some I had to pull off since they were actively biting him…they tend to bite and then curl up tight so it’s hard to get them off…I think it’s safe to say that I hate fire ants). I started putting some liquid Benadryl on the bites (I keep a stick of it in my purse) and my friend ran and got some cream she has that’s especially meant for chiggers, ticks, and fire ants. After I got him home (he was understandably done at that point), I put him in the bath and then we applied more of a similar cream (Paul had some left over from his Army days). He’s feeling quite a bit better now (it’s been a few days). Now to chase a sad story with a funny one: He was in the bath one evening and had fashioned an “ice cream cone” out of a washcloth and one of his toys. He called my attention to what he had done (I was sitting on the couch in the loft, reading, so I could still sort of monitor him while he was in the bath). I told him it looked cool, and went back to my book. A few seconds later, I heard him say, “Blech!” followed by spitting sounds. I asked him if he has tasted his “ice cream”. He said, “Yup. It didn’t taste very good.” Hahaha! I love that kid!

This Week in Pictures:

Link checking out the map of Hyrule…
Going in for the perfect shot.
Our tomato plants are going crazy! Oh, and the yellow thing is a bell pepper I accidentally left on longer than planned. Whoops, hahaha.
IMG_20160516_092607 (1)
Oh yeah, I rearranged the loft. This is the before…
…and this is the after. I moved Joseph’s play tent out of his room (which opens his room up a ton) so that he and his friends can play with it more (when his friends come over, I usually close off his room so that only one room gets destroyed, haha.
He wanted to snuggle, so he brought over a blanket and snuggled up to me (with a sword to fight off any foes that might appear, of course). I’m trying to soak up these snuggle sessions as much as I can because they are definitely getting fewer and farther in-between.
Then he realized I had taken a picture…so he wanted to make silly faces, of course.
On the carousel at the zoo.
I sure love these boys!
Saying hello to Momma (who cannot handle the spinny carousel right now).
He told us he wanted to feed the koi. When he told us, it took us a second to realize he was talking about the fish. I forgot that we had told him their proper name, once, several months ago. I guess it stuck!
Spinning pinwheels with one of his best buddies at the Helotes 4th of July celebration.
2016 Helotes Fireworks - 19
Joseph enjoying some ice cream.
2016 Helotes Fireworks - 31
Glow sticks are so much fun!

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