Growth Spurts and New Clothes, Oh My!

Weekly Happenings: This past week contained Joseph’s eight-year physical, a shopping trip for new clothes (to fill in the gaps in Abigail’s new wardrobe), ordering new clothes for both kids on Amazon (seriously, why do they have to grow out of their clothes at the same time? haha), and a fun couple of play dates (on Friday, I took Abigail to the park for a play date with kiddos her age and then this morning, Joseph was able to go across the street to our friends’ house to play sans his little sister, which was great for him).

The Weekly Weather: it rained pretty good on Wednesday. Abigail and I got caught in it on our way home from dropping Joseph off at school, but luckily Paul was at home (he was planning on staying home to watch Abigail when I took Joseph to his doctor’s appointment later that morning), so he hopped into the car to come get us. Other than that, it’s been pretty humid and sticky, but thankfully a bit on the cooler side (low- to mid-90s).

What Paul’s Been Up To: work, yard work, etc. He also met with the HOA leaders this week to iron out the most recent issues (it’s never-ending, it seems).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: My piano students are pretty much settled back into their routines, which means my routine is getting back to normal. I’ve had a few drop (due to moving and bust schedules), but haven’t picked any up to replace them. I like being done a little earlier in the afternoon so I still have time to cook dinner each night.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He did pretty good at his appointment. He did NOT want to get a flu shot, but we got it done. He’s 4’1″ and 59 lbs. He’s back in GT on Mondays (during class), which he really enjoys, settling into the new routine and rules (which can always be a little tough at the beginning) of his new classroom and teacher, and really enjoyed getting to play with his friends this morning (they’re home-schooled, so he doesn’t get to see them often during the school year).

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Her stubbornness has gotten to be quite trying at times. I often have to take a deeeeeep breath (or two…or three) before dealing with the aftermath. There’s a lot of negotiating that happens in the household (she does better if she gets a choice rather than just being told what to do, but that can’t happen every time, so I try to come up with incentives for when those times happen). Luckily, much of the time she is her sweet little self which is a good breather for in-between the tough times. I took her shopping for some new clothes and a pair of shoes (she needed some more dresses for church and a few more short-sleeved shirts…the shoes were somewhat of an impulse buy, but she should be able to wear them with quite a few outfits, so I’m happy (and excited to get her dressed for church tomorrow, haha) She is currently obsessed with Baby Shark (a cute music video that’s gone rather viral with the toddler-crowd) and with anything Halloween (she calls it Trick-or-Treat and gets excited whenever she sees pumpkins). She also wants to watch Christmas specials of different cartoons (thank you, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, haha), which kind of makes me long for cooler weather and the holidays.

This Week in Pictures:

My impulse-buy for Abigail. She can wear them to church, but also with a couple of her more casual outfits. I couldn’t pass up the color. She looks so good in mustard.
I was able to combine a coupon and some rewards dollars to get a pretty good deal. I love it when I can do that (especially if I have to buy a lot at once).
Walking in Momma’s shoes. I was able to find her some Bermuda shorts on clearance online (seriously, it’s so hard when all that’s in the stores is pants and long-sleeved shirts…and sweaters…it’s still 90+ degrees, people!).
Years ago, one of my brothers gave me a piece of his artwork (fashioned after the concept of a Klein bottle, for anyone who is familiar with what that is). It lives on our front porch and usually collects a bit of water every time we get a decent amount of rain. I usually dump it out right away (sitting water is just asking for mosquitoes to breed in it) and was about to do so, but then I noticed that one of our resident toads (who have burrows along the edge of our front walk) decided he’d hang out in the new “pool”. 
Loving the swings at the park.
Also loving the big slide.
Trying to figure out how to navigate the bridge (mainly trying to keep her feet from going through the holes…this part of the play equipment is really meant for slightly older kids).
Figuring out how to walk in-between the holes.
I came down from taking my shower this morning to find this…cutie-patooties.
She got a little…over-zealous when eating her toast.
She loves swinging…

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