Another Week in the Books

Weekly Happenings: This past week seemed to just fly by. We were busy with work, school, running errands, teaching piano, and the like. I’m trying to wrap my head around how September is almost over. The holidays will be here before we know it!

The Weekly Weather: It’s been all over the map, really. We’ve had a couple of good storms which we desperately needed. One was overnight with quite a bit of thunder. Joseph ended up spending the night on the extra mattress we have on the floor in our room. Abigail thankfully slept through it all. We’ve had some slightly cooler temps and then some slightly hotter temps. It’s been quite the adventure checking my weather app several times a day to see it change, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy at work. He’s also been helping me with some organizational bits around the house. When we first moved in, we had a set of shelves to hold a lot of his military awards, coins, and the like. They’ve been fine up there until Senorita Grabs-a-Lot came along (she won’t leave the “shinies”alone). So Paul ordered some shadow boxes for his medals and coins and got some frames for some of his awards. I noticed it feels a lot more open with the shelves gone, which is another plus. Oh, and his birthday was this past week! We’re celebrating tonight with friends and cheesecake (of course). 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mostly just my ordinary stuff. I did drive out to New Braunfels (about an hour away) to visit with a friend who recently moved out there. It was so good to see her and hang out.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s back into the groove of school. He’s doing GT again this year and is excited to get to do some extra project-based learning.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s…keeping me on my toes and giving me the opportunity to try many different parenting styles/techniques to see which one works best. 😉 I think we’ll leave it at that, haha. One cute thing that happened was that at dinner one night she told me her tomato slice (which was cut in half) looked like a rainbow. 🙂 She’s constantly using her imagination (one day she held a toy up to her eye and told me that she had a telescope). Life is definitely an adventure with her.

This Week in Pictures:

All ready for church.
The result of me telling her I wanted to take her picture.
Here’s one of the boy all ready for church.
I asked him to keep her occupied while I put dinner together. He did a great job (and got a nap in to boot…that’s my kind of multi-tasking).
We ordered her a new windbreaker. As soon as it came, she wanted to put it on…and refused to take it off. I think I told her I would give her broccoli if she would let me hang it up.
We had a visitor one morning (Paul had to chase it out of the garage because he didn’t want to have it trapped in there and he didn’t want to have Joseph encounter it in there since Joseph does NOT like any flying bugs).
It’s called an Imperial Moth and it’s about the size of my hand, length-wise.
Smelling a flower that Paul picked to give to her (if she promised to go inside from the garage…life seems to be a constant stream of negotiations with this one).
She didn’t want me to brush her teeth until she saw Joseph brushing his. Then she needed to do hers on her own, next to him.
Girl clothes are fun.
I moved Abigail’s kitchen upstairs to be with the rest of the toys.
I did need to reposition some of the other toys up there to make it work.
I like it much better up here. There are fewer places for her to squirrel away her toy food (which she then gets upset about being missing and I have to hunt around for it).
It’s also a lot more open downstairs, too.
We were getting ready to go out to run errands. She insisted on putting some toys into a backpack and have me help her to put it on. Then she told me she was going to school. Not quite yet, my wee one.
When one is playing dress-up, one doesn’t care if one’s costume is a conglomeration of two totally different costumes.
I love when the sun is trying to break through the clouds. Those white streaks are rays of sunshine that my camera just couldn’t capture the way my eye could.
I scrounged up a few quarters for the kids to go for a ride on the bike.
Joseph’s turn on the bike.
Bye-bye shelves and hello shadow boxes!
I had a few things on the shelves that I still wanted displayed, so I just found a different place for them (along with Paul’s two eagles that he got at different times during his military service).
Abigail really likes mayonnaise on her sandwich, apparently.
A really cute crocheted dress one of my sweet friends made for Abigail.
Why have the shark OR the narwhal when you can have both the shark AND the narwhal?

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