Birthdays and Another Big Day

Weekly Happenings: This week started off with my birthday on Sunday. It was a nice day. πŸ™‚ We were then going to have Joseph’s birthday party on Monday (since it was a holiday and also the day before his birthday), but he got sick. πŸ™ I kept him home on Tuesday because he wasn’t quite over his illness (I think it was a cold with a dash of a tummy bug, but thankfully no puke). The plus side was that he was able to enjoy a birthday doughnut that we snuck out to get and bring home to eat (fun fact: Abigail is capable of eating half a dozen doughnut holes on her own, within a matter of less than ten minutes). He was able to bring in doughnuts to share with his class on Wednesday. Today, he was baptized! The whole thing went really well. It was a stake baptism, so a member of the stake Primary presidency gave a talk about baptism and also on bearing one another’s burdens. Joseph handled going under the water very well (which is huge for a kid who doesn’t like to get his face wet). Then a good friend gave a talk about the how Holy Ghost can be like a flashlight to help us see in darkness and how the Sacrament is like batteries that help the flashlight (Holy Ghost) work. I thought it was a great analogy! We had his birthday party tonight, which he was excited about. πŸ™‚

The Weekly Weather: Warm and dry, but it did start to cool down a smidge towards the end of the week.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He added some shelves in the office so that he could get a bookshelf out of there to make it feel a bit more open (an important feeling in such a small space). Other than that, he’s been just putting along at work.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been nurse, comforter, taxi driver, piano teacher, referee (between the 8YO and the 2YO), snuggler, and errand-runner extraordinaire.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: I’ve already described his baptism, which was a huge thing. He was really looking forward to seeing friends tonight (they had a blast playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl). He was also excited to find that we got him his own set of scriptures and has even spent some time reading through some of them.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been wild this week, but I just try to take a deep breath and survive each day one at a time. I know that it will get better. πŸ™‚ She has had plenty of cute moments during the week, too. One milestone: I switched her out to the next size up in clothes. It’s hard to believe she’s wearing 3T stuff now, but I suppose she WILL be three in December.

This Week in Pictures:

My birthday present: a new bread box. I love the rustic look!
Since he was sick on his birthday party day, we let him open up his presents from us.
Paul wrapped them really well, which proved to be a bit of a challenge to get into.
We got him some Pokemon games for his DS.
He also got some more Beyblades so that it’ll be easier to battle with friends.
Finally feeling hungry enough (he hadn’t felt like eating anything for almost two days) for a birthday doughnut: glazed with sprinkles.
Pumpkin thief! She though she had gotten away with it when I asked her what she was doing. She jumped so high!
Bigger clothes are so much more comfortable!
Wearing one of Joseph’s old shirts. It’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a grabber in each arm. The bottom says “Unstoppable-Rex” which I think is totally appropriate for our spitfire of a girl.
When I pulled out the bigger clothes, she was excited to find these jammies. She hasn’t seen Frozen, but I think she recognized that these were girly and had princesses on them, so she was excited to put them on.
She told me “I take your picture?” with her play remote. She even made me say “Cheese!” πŸ˜€
We’re two weeks into the new school year and I’m still impressed that I can get them to this point by 7:20 in the morning.
She was “riding” the duster around the house.
She said, “I a cowboy! Yee-haw!”
Opening his present from Jason, Saira, and Luna.
It’s a mini drone.
He was pretty excited to get it.
I had stepped behind Paul to get Abigail to look at the camera…she was pointing at me, haha.
My sweet babies.
Paul got them both looking at the camera AND smiling. It’s a miracle!
Our family!
I wanted one of just the boys, but we had a little photo-bomber who wanted to be included.
I was telling my sweet SIL about how I had wanted just one of the boys and she jokingly cropped out Abigail (and the exit sign…yay!). While I love the original (it pretty much captures real life, haha), I love this one of my Darr men, too.
I had pulled out Abigail’s tablet (with the sound off, of course) because she was getting wiggly (and wanted to play the piano during the last part of the baptism…so I had to give her something cooler than the piano). After everything was done, Joseph and his friends immediately bee-lined over there to see what she was up to, haha.
Joseph’s birthday cake. I’m glad he still asks for designs that I can somewhat replicate.
It’s the final countdown…
Excited about a robot he could build.
A card and some money…always appreciated!
PokΓ©mon cards.
Lighting the cake…
…and blow!


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