Getting Ready for the Boo-fest

This past week was a bit of a whirl-wind. It passed so quickly that I didn’t really take any pictures until the weekend. In his spare time, Paul has been catching rats and field mice in a live trap (our neighbor doesn’t really take care of his backyard, so it’s literally a breeding ground for them…insert rolling eyes face here). I think he’s up to 6-7 now. He’s started releasing them farther from the house in the hopes they won’t make their way back. Joseph said we need to start painting dots on them so that we can see if the same ones are coming back and getting caught again. This weekend was all about Halloween prep. The kids and I went to Buc-ee’s to get new Halloween shirts on Saturday. Today, we painted pumpkins. I think the thing I’m most excited about for Halloween (other than it being my absolute favorite holiday) is that it’s supposed to actually be decently cold. Like, in the 50s. This dashed Abigail’s hopes of wearing her new pirate costume (it is NOT a cold-weather costume), but she said she be just as happy being Sonic and wearing her much warmer Sonic costume. I’m just glad she’s going to be well enough for Halloween. She popped a fever on Thursday night and was saying her ears hurt. Paul took the day off on Friday and took her in to the doctor. She has a double ear infection and a nasty cough. She ended up with antibiotics for the ear infection and some liquid albuterol for the nebulizer that we luckily already have (we’ve used it with saline to help her with congestion). She’s a different kid already.

The required “pose with the Buc-ee statue” picture. I need to remember to order poor Joseph another set of sunglasses, poor kid.
Abigail just about lost her mind when she found someone walking around as Buc-ee.
The moon was full last night and the wispy clouds made it the perfect back-drop for this time of year.
I think I posted about this collage last week, but man, these three pictures get me every time I walk out the door. Time is a thief!
This is my kid whose love for Buc-ee’s ties with her love of posing for pictures.
She was going for a silly face…what’s funny is that this is very similar to the funny face that Joseph pulls. She really looks up to her older brother. 😉
I. love. this. kid.
Painting her pumpkin (this was the only action shot I got).
I helped her get the shape of the eyes right and the ears…and the mouth. She filled in the voids. Golden Sonic!
Joseph did the Tri-force from Legend of Zelda. He said he was a little frustrated because it didn’t turn out like he had in his head. It opened things up for a nice discussion about how things sometimes happen that way, but we need to decide if it’s worth the energy to hang on to the frustration or to let it go. I also assured him that it was recognizable as the Tri-force and that made him feel better.
I did a simple scene from Nightmare Before Christmas…
…including Zero and his grave dog house.
Paul did Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales. The pumpkin is the perfect shape for it!!

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