A Little Bit of Everything

This past week help a little bit of everything. Joseph had his first recital/concert, I got report cards finalized and over half of my parent/teacher conferences taken care of, I got a new student, Abigail started attending the Learning Tree program after school (which makes my schedule sooooo much easier), and Paul? Well, Paul got diagnosed with pneumonia. He’s been sick for over a month and waiting it out (thinking it was a cold/allergies) and a round of antibiotics (for what they thought was a sinus infection) didn’t work. He went into Urgent Care again and they did a chest x-ray. They diagnosed him with pneumonia and were able to get him on the right antibiotics. It has taken a few days, but he is slowly getting better. We’re gearing up for Halloween and trying to take deep breaths because once November hits, it’s a whirlwind of holidays. Then before we know it, spring will, well, spring…and then it’ll be summer vacation before we know it. Hooray?

Giving us his “Cheese!” face (he’s fourth from the right).
Getting set up to play. They did just beginning percussion in this recital and had separate recitals for the other parts of the beginning band.
Showing off his awesome sense of rhythm and beat.
I got a multi-pack of some cute Halloween earrings. I think these are my favorite. Also, please take note of how tired my eyes are in this picture. I’ve been pulling 11.5 hour days at work. Parent-teacher conferences dip quite far into my afternoons, so that pushes back my prep time, which then pushes everything back.
Paul improved upon my earlier design by replacing the wreath door hangers with hooks screwed into the door. It’s so much better. Before, it would slide back and forth as we would open and close the door and sometimes even get jammed a bit. This is a vast improvement!

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