A Boo-riffic Week

This past week was a pretty great week. A cold front moved in just in time for Halloween. My students were a little squirrely on Monday, but then we had a lot of fun things planned on Tuesday. Wednesday-Friday, I feel like they were worn out from Halloween (plus we had our annual fun-run fundraiser AND a glow party for perfect attendance on Thursday and Friday, so there was a lot to wear them out) and they were a lot easier to teach. Paul helped me take down the Halloween decorations (actually, he took them all down while I was at a training yesterday and I simply boxed them up), we left out the fall stuff, and now we’re in Thanksgiving-mode! It’s hard to believe that we’re less than two months out from Christmas! This year has just flown.

The trick-or-treating crew. Paul took them out while I stayed back to hand out candy. You can see my set-up in the corner with a table and a chair. Kids out here won’t come to the door at all. They only go to houses where someone is sitting outside. I guess that’s one way of not accidentally trick-or-treating to houses that are either not home or don’t celebrate.
I’m glad they found “the house”. Every year, the owners of this house put out these Peanuts cut-outs and the kids both love it. I think I have a picture from almost every year that we’ve been in Texas.
Check out my cute shirt for the fun run (it was Dia de Los Muertos-themed) that’s got a SPELLING ERROR. I still can’t believe I didn’t catch it until today when I was looking through pictures that I was going to upload to my blog. Do you see the mistake? Since I bought it on Amazon, I was able to do a returnless refund where they just give me a gift card towards my next purchase. I guess they don’t want the shirt back either, haha.
I forgot to switch from AC back to heat the day before the fun-run and came into a classroom that was 54 degrees. Good thing I had my warm coat and a good heater that heated things up before the kiddos got into our room!
This is my awesome coworker that showed me the cute shirt. Neither of us caught the mistake and nobody who saw us said anything, either. I wonder, since we’re all teachers, if we all read it and just mentally corrected the word (it says fellin’ instead of feelin’). I told her about it and she was able to get a refund, too. I bought a different one for next year that doesn’t have any spelling mistakes (I triple-checked, haha).
This is George. He started out as a Halloween decoration, but my students love him, so now he’s our mascot. Having said that, George needs to keep with the times. I decided the best way to do that is to decorate him for all of the major holidays. This begins with a cheap foam hat I found at Hobby Lobby (I think it’s supposed to be a snowman hat, since they already had all their Christmas stuff out) for like, $2 and then I added a band and buckle that I made out of construction paper. Voila! Now he’s a pilgrim!

Abigail and her Gruffalo. She had to disguise a turkey so that it wouldn’t become Thanksgiving dinner and she came up with the idea of making it the Gruffalo.


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