Getting Closer to Spooky Season

We’re getting to the point in September where I’m just kind of over the heat and start looking forward to what Abigail calls “spooky season”. She takes after me and loves this time of year that starts with Halloween and rounds out after Christmas. It seems like the temperatures are finally taking a dip (albeit a very slight one). Even though the afternoons are still toasty, the mornings and evenings are a bit more bearable. Here’s to hoping they dip even more as we get closer to October! As for what we accomplished this week, it was a pretty typical week. Paul went to work, I went to work, and the kids went to school. Abigail is getting pretty good about not getting into mischief after school while she hangs out in my classroom as I prep for the next day. Joseph has been a trooper about walking to and from school (especially from, since that is often the warmest part of the day), and we are so grateful for the long hours and hard work that Paul puts into his job in order to support our family; not to mention the time he spends at home, making our yards beautiful and our home nice. Paul and I did go out to eat with friends yesterday to celebrate his birthday (which is today). It was nice to have adult conversation, but it was also nice to get back to our sweet kiddos. We have built a nice little life here and I love it!

Getting to work at 7:00 is not easy, nor is it my favorite time, but at least the sky is pretty.
The sunset must have heard me gushing about the sunrise, so it decided to put on its own show.
The kids’ bathroom has always lacked storage, which hasn’t been too much of an issue up until now. They’re getting bigger and are needing a bit more storage space, so Paul picked up this cabinet from Lowe’s and put it up in their bathroom. I like that there’s a spot to hold extra rolls of toilet paper, because then that frees up some space under the sink.
I grabbed this book at the book fair and read it to my class this week. It talks about trying to drop your worries, doubts, fears, and frustrations in order to make your life easier. BUT it is realistic and talks about how those things never fully go away, but if you’re able to put them down for a bit, when you have to pick them up again, they are smaller. I love that there are books out there now that talk about big subjects like this but in a way for young minds to understand.
This is how I started my Friday evening (I’m such a party animal, right?)…
…and this is how I ended it.
And THIS is why I chose to spend my Friday night grading papers. This is not a job that we absolutely need for me to do right now. Does it make our finances a bit more comfortable? Yes. But it isn’t something I need to do for us to make ends meet. I continue to do it because I love it (and because we need teachers now, more than ever). I love to think that perhaps if I try hard enough, I can teach, love, inspire, motivate, listen to, and encourage these kiddos that I already love so much. THIS is why I teach.
H-E-B is starting to put out all the Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos stuff. I have always loved the concept of Dia de Los Muertos and the art/decorations that are a part of it. The colors are so vibrant and the patterns so beautifully intricate. When I saw this cup, I couldn’t help but get it to add to my collection.
I also added this to my collection. I have always loved Nightmare Before Christmas. I was testing it out after I got home to make sure there was nothing wrong with it (it didn’t have any batteries, so I couldn’t test it out before I bought it) and well, I love it!

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