A Few Little Surprises and Some Fun Days

This past week was Freedom Week at the elementary school. There were dress-up days each day, but I think I only got pictures of a couple of the days. There were a few days that I had meetings after school and Abigail was a trooper on the days that I wasn’t able to get someone to watch her. One of those days, I let her watch YouTube on my phone. Later that day, I opened up my Photos to look for something else and I discovered a few selfies she had taken, haha. Our week was pretty typical outside of that. Paul even squeezed in a home project on Saturday: a cabinet for our bathroom. It’s hard to believe we only have one more week until we launch into October!

This was camouflage day (in support of our troops). She opted to wear Paul’s old uniform. As we were getting ready to head to school, she popped over under the tree and asked if I could still see her. 🙂
It’s always fun to discover these little surprises on my camera roll.
It always impresses me how technologically-saavy this generation is.
I’m also lucky she only took three pictures. I can remember Joseph getting ahold of my phone (he was a little younger than Abigail is now) and taking more like 20ish pictures of himself. 🙂
One of the dress-up days was Crazy for the USA day so it was crazy hair. I needed something quick and still comfortable, so I ended up with this.
Abigail wanted the same criteria (quick and comfy), but opted for a different style.
Our new bathroom cabinet. It goes over the toilet and I love that it has a ton of closed storage. Before, we had a set of open shelving there. I like this much better.

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