And the Skies Opened Up

This past week held some interesting weather: it was muggy, overcast, and just…blah for most of the week. Then on Thursday, we had a craaaaaazy couple of storms come through. We got more rain than the ground knew what to do with. Friday morning was interesting. The school had power, but no Internet or phones. I joked with the kids that it was like we were back in the 80s. They were not amused, haha. We persevered with working through worksheets I had, but luckily the Internet started working before too long. Then last night, we had even more storms with more rain. I’m grateful for it (even if the thunder startled me bad enough early this morning that I almost peed my pants, haha) because Texas really needs it!

In other news, state testing is coming up, along with some fun ways to help the kids review, practice, and relax right before the tests. We’re doing one test a week for the next three weeks. It’s goingto bean adventure, for sure!

The calm a few days before the storms. 😉
I got a new shirt! It’s kind of my favorite. Muggles are the non-magic people in Harry Potter (Hogwarts is the wizard/witch school).
Paul spoiled us big-time with this meal (smoked chicken and potatoes). It was so good!
Playing dominoes with Dad.
She likes building towers after the game is over.
Our state test is called the STAAR (please don’t ask me what it stands for…I don’t remember). I found this quote online and used it (along with some free coloring pages where I just cut out the figures)to decorate my door.
Watching the rain. The water was rushing down the street. You can even see a mini river between our yard and the neighbor’s.
After a bit, we had standing water in the back yard.
One of the kindergarten classes made this banner for our class. It’s meant to say that my class will crack the STAAR (it’s designed after a star-shaped pinata). It was really thoughtful of them!

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