A Nice Respite from the Cold

The weather this past week was much, much nicer than last week. It was cold in the mornings, but would warm up enough in the afternoons that we could shed our sweatshirts. The kids were able to get some outside time (which is good for all involved), I was able to get a lot of walking in (my favorite type of exercise), and it was nice not being so cold it hurt my face, haha. Also, my back is doing much better. I’ve been able to downgrade to Aleve for an anti-inflammatory, so that’s good. I’m still being really careful how I bend and pick up things, though. Some Abigail funnies this week: one night she told me she had “a case of the not-tireds” (she didn’t want to go to bed). It almost worked! She still went to bed. 😉 Another night, we were reading a book called “Goodnight Gorilla” where a zookeeper is saying goodnight to all of the animals. He doesn’t realize as he is doing so, the gorilla is letting each of the animals out of their cages. Each time that happened, Abigail would say, “Oh no! They’re leaving their habitat! That’s not good!” Don’t worry, though…they all end up back in their cages (except the extra-sneaky gorilla).

Bringing me the frisbee to throw.
I love watching them playing together. I think they were pretending that one person was a puppy and the other person was the owner. The owner would throw the frisbee and the puppy would bring it back.
I did make the addition that whoever was the puppy was a highly-trained puppy who could use its hands instead of its mouth to fetch…so they would just hold it up to their mouths to bring it back.
This is always one of my favorite sights.
I decided I wanted to have the shells that were on the table inside of something instead of just sitting on the table, so I went in search for something. At first I was looking at baskets, but then I happened upon this bowl.
I love the texture on the outside!
At first, I had this super-pointy shell in the bowl, but then Paul brought up the possibility of Abigail potentially hurting herself if she fell on it. That was something that had never occurred to me, but I totally agreed, so I swapped it out for a couple of the shells that had been on this shelf. I like it much better up here and I like the grouping of the shells in the bowl much better, too. It’s nice having someone who can look at something with different, fresh eyes to make sure something works in the best possible way (and isn’t dangerous)!
Abigail’s teacher sent me this picture. Her teacher keeps a bunch of Dr. Seuss stuffies on a shelf behind her desk and has a standing deal with Abigail. If Abigail is able to focus and behave during the day, she gets to play with one of the stuffies during free play at the end of the day. 🙂
Two of Abigail’s recent pieces of artwork. She told me that her favorite art is getting to glue squares, so these two were right up her alley.

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