Easter Fun and Some Sun

Weekly Happenings: We enjoyed a nice Easter Sunday (and the kids enjoyed fun things in their baskets) at the beginning of the week. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and homemade strawberry pie for dessert. Mid-week was rather ordinary, and then the end of the week was fun for Joseph since he had Fiesta fun at school. Fiesta is a week-long celebration in San Antonio. The big part of it is The Battle of the Flowers parade which commemorates the Battle of the Alamo. The rest of Fiesta just kind of spiraled out from there over time. I kind of liken it to Mardi Gras, haha.

The Weekly Weather: We had one big thunderstorm come through about mid-week, but other than that, it’s been gorgeous spring weather. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been pressure-washing everything, haha. Well, not really. After he did our driveway and walkway, he moved onto the fences. Now he’s re-staining them so they’ll be nice and protected from future inclement weather. He also bought a new light fixture for our dining room and installed it. I’m so grateful he knows how to do all this stuff!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been relatively busy keeping the house {relatively} neat, the kids happy, my plants alive, and my piano students well-engaged.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s sensing the end of school swiftly approaching (they have a little more than a month left) and is looking forward to play dates and more free time. He had a fun Fiesta party at school where they enjoyed food and extra play time outside.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She had been fighting allergies but then, on Wednesday night she popped a random fever. Normally I wait this type of thing out for a bit (it’s usually just a 24-hour bug), but my Mom-radar wouldn’t stop going off, so I took her into the doctor on Thursday. It turns out that she had strep and an ear infection! She’s a couple days into her antibiotics and is already feeling a lot better. She also likes that she gets a cookie after taking her medicine. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Fun Easter baskets.
I love seeing their reactions when they first see fun things like this.
Checking out their fun stuff.
Joseph was excited about us getting him a ukulele.
Abigail liked shaking her eggs.
She also really liked this book. The pages slide open to show a hiding animal.
Our yummy dessert. I used a store-bought crust and then made the filling.
I then topped each slice with homemade whipped cream. Yum!
Already trying to figure out chords.
This one commandeered all the empty eggs and carried them around for a couple of days.
Just readin’.
Coloring in one of her color-with-water books that we got her for Easter. I really love these books. They come with a “paintbrush” that you fill with water and then once they dry, you can use them again.
I told her it was time for a diaper change and she headed for the figurative hills. Yes, I do see the irony of her trying to hide from a diaper change…in a diaper box.
She crashed on the way home from the doctor’s. Thank goodness for drive-through pharmacies!
Our new dining room light fixture.
I think it works perfectly with our farmhouse table. 🙂
One more shot of the new look in our dining room. I love the coziness the new light gives the room.
This time when I made rice crispy treats, I decided to top them with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. When Joseph saw, he told me that he would volunteer to be official taste-tester, haha.
My succulents are super-happy about the warmer weather.
My shamrocks have settled into their new home rather nicely.
My roses are happy that it’s warmer (ant that they are outside), too! I’m so glad it survived the transplant from pot in the house (Paul had gotten these for me for Valentine’s Day) to bigger pot outside.
Sights like this make me happy. 🙂
Someone has discovered the “horsey”. 😂

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