Spring Fun

Weekly Happenings: It seems we’ve settled into spring. The weather is warmer, so it’s easier to do things. Most of the week was pretty average. I did have my friend bring her kids over yesterday for a play date in the morning (since the older kids had school off because of Good Friday). The kids really liked playing outside with bubbles, chalk, and other outdoor stuff. We went to the zoo this morning to have something else fun to do. I love going to the zoo in the spring because it’s just warm enough for the animals to be more active without it being really hot.

The Weekly Weather: As I mentioned before, it’s been mild and sunny. We did have one wild thunderstorm come through one evening, but it wasn’t too bad.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Yard work, more yard work, and a bit of tidying up of the walkway and driveway up front (he just got a pressure washer, so he’s been putting it to use).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I had book club, which was fun as usual. Other than that, it’s been a pretty typical week for me.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: They had an egg hunt at school which was a lot of fun for him. He continues to be a big help with Abigail. I love the relationship the two of them have. He seems to be very patient with her, which is amazing.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s adjusting to her no-nap schedule really well. She has had a few rough nights, but I think they can be attributed to other factors (an allergy attack that has lasted a few days, for one). I think it will be a good thing for her. One thing I’ve discovered is that if I don’t belt her in when I try to put her into a shopping cart (at various places), she doesn’t flip out and throw a ginormous tantrum. This is something we’ve been dealing with for months, so if that’s all it takes, I’ll do it. We still need to try it at a few more different places, but I’m optimistic, haha.

This Week in Pictures:

Coloring while grocery shopping.
She has been big on picking her footwear this week. Good thing we live in Texas, haha.
They really love to play together.
She wanted him to dance with her and he was very patient.
I have several spots in my house that just make me smile. This is one of those spots. I love the pottery (both are pieces my brother Gary made), I love the plants (the two darker green ones are succulents and the other one is an air plant that just needs to be misted with a spray bottle once a week), and the family picture captures our personalities perfectly.
She likes to put stickers on her nose.
She really liked pulling these stickers off. I love that In-N-Out gives the kids these sticker sheets instead of a trinkety toy.
Posing with the eagle statue at the zoo.
The Komodo dragon is right above his head. 🙂
Abigail likes climbing on this thing just as much as Joseph did at her age (and still does).
She was excited to see the “big kitty” (caracal).
It wouldn’t be a zoo trip without a stop at the hippo statue.
Checking out the rhinos.
My favorite animal is the okapi. They seem like such a hodge-podge of characteristics.
They seem a little bit zebra, a little bit deer, and a little bit giraffe.
This is when Paul was half done with power-washing our driveway.
The finished process. It looks so good!
I love this silly little goose who has discovered she can reach the piano decorations if she hauls herself up onto the window seat.

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