A Couple of Sickies

Weekly Happenings: The week started off a little rough, because Joseph ended up getting sick (and Abigail was still not feeling 100% quite yet). Luckily, Joseph just had a bad cold, so he was feeling better after a day or so. I had taken him in to be checked out (because of Abigail’s strep diagnosis last week) and the strep test came back negative, but they noticed his ear had a lot of wax that needed to be flushed out. It was a rather complicated process, so I’m grateful the doctor was able to do it so that I didn’t have to do it at home. After that, our week started looking up…until Abigail started sniffling and coughing a couple days ago. *sigh* I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s just allergies (or at most just a little cold).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been rather overcast and muggy. We’ve also had a couple of substantial rain storms come through. Today is clear and sunny, which is a nice break.

What Paul’s Been Up To: At my request, he rearranged Joseph’s furniture slightly so that Joseph’s bed is no longer up against a wall. It will be so much easier to make his bed (which means it’ll be easier for him to do on his own, haha). We also took a trip to IKEA this morning and picked up a shelving system so that he has more storage for the special things in his room. Paul is assembling it as I type. I’m so grateful for my handy husband!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been mostly snuggling sickies (and hoping they didn’t get each other sick, since they had completely different illnesses). I also revamped the kid bathroom. It was decorated in an Angry Birds theme, which worked for Joseph when he was younger, but neither of the kids like the game now (and the stuff was starting to look rather worn after almost seven years), so I decided to go with something that wasn’t branded and could last for a good long while. It’s a wave theme, which I really like (and the kids do, too. Abigail kept saying, “Wow! Water!”).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been able to enjoy some fun activities at school (since it’s the last full month before school is out for the summer, the first grade teachers have come up with a small but fun activity for the kids to do each day of May).

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been quite fun now that she’s starting to feel better. Her personality is just growing leaps and bounds. There was one morning I went in her room to get her up for the day and was met with her rolling over, looking at me with a rather addled expression, and then rolling back over, saying, “Oh…my…goodness.” That’s how I feel in the mornings too, chickadee. The other funny thing that she said this week was when I offered her a snack. I said, “Let’s give you…” and paused as I was thinking of just what I should give her. She filled the space in with “Chips?!” I laughed and asked her if she wanted chips and she said, “Sure! I have chips. Thank you, Momma!” I felt like I’d been slightly played, but went with it since the things she calls chips are actually rice crackers that are flavored with soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds. She also has decided that when she goes to bed, her baby doll needs to be tucked in right next to her. Then she can say, “Nigh-night, dolly!” while patting her doll lovingly.

This Week in Pictures:

I updated my quote board for May. I loved this part of a quote by Minot J. Savage. The rest of the quote (which I simply lacked the letters and space for) says, “Their courage nerves a thousand living men.”
It was nice to get out the patriotic decorations again. With Memorial Day this month, Flag Day next month, Fourth of July the month after that, and then nothing of note in August, these will probably stay out until I go to pull the fall stuff out in September.
These two sure light up my life!
Oh! This was hilarious. She REALLY wanted to touch the decorations on the piano. I was sitting on the couch, so I could see her with my peripheral vision. She’d really reach, but then if I looked over, she’d quickly switch over to playing the piano (which she knows she’s allowed to do). Sneaky little miss!
Okay, let me just say, I did NOT take this picture! My neighbor did. She was taking a walk one street over from ours and came across this fellow in one of the driveways. It’s a legit coral snake. Ick! Luckily she was able to notify the guy who lived at the house and he was able to track it down and dispatch it with a shovel. I’m all for coexisting with these critters…as long as they aren’t able to do serious damage to my babies!
She was having the big Bucc-ee give the little one kisses (and vice-versa). After this she put them to bed (and also said “Nigh-night” to everything in her room…I may need to dig out Goodnight Moon to read to her).
The updated kid bathroom.
Stage one of getting Joseph’s room more organized. The shelving unit will go on the wall under where his name is painted.
Here’s the rest of the organization efforts. I love the bins that hide everything!
It’s looking like a bigger kid room now!

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