Cousins and Other Fun Things

Weekly Happenings: This past weekend, we had the pleasure of having my nephew and his family stop by while they were in town. We had a really nice visit and Joseph was ecstatic that there were kids to play with. The rest of the week went pretty much as planned and then just this morning I took both kids to the zoo so that Paul could have some quiet time to work on homework. I really do love having the zoo close enough to visit on a regular basis. I also love having passes. We were able to go for just an hour and not feel like we had to try and see everything. Today we spent a lot of time in the aquarium and even went in to see the lories (we didn’t feed them…just enjoyed their presence). Abigail was really intrigued by those brightly colored birds.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been rather gloomy as of late. Overcast days, smatterings of rain, etc.. Yesterday, the sky finally opened up and we had a good, soaking thunderstorm. Today’s weather is gorgeous! Warm, sunny, and breezy. I love it!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been rather busy with school work and team meetings (for school) as well as work and home life. He’s in the home stretch now, though! Just a couple more months and he’ll be done with his Bachelor’s. I am so, so proud of him!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly been doing my typical mom thing. Not too much out of the ordinary for me.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: As I mentioned before, he loved getting to play with his cousins. He also had fun at school since they’ve started this countdown of sorts. Mid-week this past week, we hit the point of only having twenty-six school days left before the end of the school year (this is not counting weekends, obviously). The kindergarten classes decided they would assign a letter of the alphabet to each day, starting with “Z” and do fun things or dress up in coordination with that letter. It should make for a fun end of the year.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Here’s a bit of a run down of what she’s been doing (and saying): her¬†current “word” list: mama, dadee, bu-buh (Joseph), bah-bah-bah (bath), nigh-nigh (nap/night-night), uh-oooh (either love you or thank you) and gicky (Mickey Mouse). She also says, “Eeeeeeeee!” when I ask if she wants to watch her babies (Baby Einstein) and will make that same sound whenever she approves of what we’re doing (getting food for her when she’s hungry, playing with her, etc.). She can point to her nose (and sometimes her eyes), gives things “loves” by holding the object (usually a stuffed animal) close to her and patting it, loves to turn on and off light switches, tries to open doors, dances to music, claps, plays peek-a-boo, blows kisses, waves, and is on the cusp of walking without assistance.

This Week in Pictures:

Hanging out with his cousin.
Reading to Daddy.
Just chillin’.
I got her new cups since she chewed her previous ones enough to make the holes in the spout break down. These have reinforced spouts, so we’ll see how long they last.
I decided to change up the art square (a framed piece of glass that I use dry-erase markers to decorate) in Joseph’s room. He was rather excited to come home from school and see this.
I checked on our garden after the big thunderstorm came through. It’s fine…and the zucchini is looking quite healthy, haha. The pumpkin plant (which is peaking out from under the zucchini and is reaching out over the strawberries) is doing well as are the strawberries.
We thought it was pretty funny that the hippos were all smooshed up against the glass.

Bonus Video: Welcome to the Crazy (a typical afternoon or evening in our house):


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