Middle of May

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty average. We sort of just plugged along, doing our normal thing. Friday, Abigail and I met up with Paul to attend his annual work picnic (Joseph stayed in school, which was probably more fun for him…there aren’t really any kids there since it’s always in the middle of the day on a school day). Everyone was excited to see Abigail and how much she had grown (at the last one, she was just a few months old).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been warm and dry (as in, no rain…it’s been plenty humid, haha).

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work, school, and the like. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Kids, home, and the like. 😉 I did get to attend a stake Relief Society activity which was uplifting and fun.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been really enjoying school. His class got a new class pet (a frog) to add to their menagerie. His teacher does so many fun things with the class I know it will be bittersweet on the last day of school.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She has added her version of “thank you” (it sort of sounds like: “aye-oo”) to her vocabulary and will use it quite often (example: a friend of mine gave her a cracker and she told her thank you…and then told her thank you again when she gave her another one). It’s crazy to think that she’s going to be two at the end of the year!

This Week in Pictures:

She was trying to get the goggles on by herself but was struggling, so I helped her out. 🙂
“How does this thing work?”
Ready for the walk to school.
He loves to help her walk (with a reminder here and there that he needs to go her speed).
Chillin’ at Daddy’s work picnic.
There are many people at Paul’s work (students, instructors, other staff) who speak different languages. Every year at the picnic, they set up a table where different people will write your name in their native language. A few years back we had them do Joseph’s name, so this year we had them do Abigail’s. It’s so neat to see how they are all written.

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