Christmas 2020

Well, 2020 was definitely a year for the books. There was a lot that wasn’t good (with the global COVID-19 pandemic), but so much of it was still wonderful. Christmas was a big part of the wonderful. Here’s our Christmas 2020 run-down:

Paul: new shoes, a new wallet, a couple of gift cards (Lowe’s and Google Play), a mouse pad for his computer, and a new phone.

Sarah: new slippers, a complete Calvin&Hobbes collection, a new book, a piping set, and a new wallet.

Joseph: a new video game, a new small video camera, some video game accessories, a new sweatshirt, and tons of new books.

Abigail: a singing Anna doll, new pink boots, a Frozen play castle, a play shopping cart, tons of new books, and a cradle for her baby dolls.

We also got some yummy treats, some cool toy airplanes, and a fun new game from a really close friend.

That’s the temporal stuff. In reality, being home this Christmas has helped us bring back into focus just how dear our little family is and how wonderful it is that our Savior was born, that He lived, that He sacrificed himself, and that He was resurrected…all so we could return to Him and our Father in Heaven again someday. We will ever be grateful for that and for this time of year that reminds us of His birth! Merry Christmas, y’all!

Trying to convince us to let them open up some presents early. 😉
I used my roll dough recipe to make cinnamon rolls.
Ready to go in the oven!
All ready for icing!
Christmas Eve shenanigans.
Helping the kids get stockings.
She was so happy that Santa brought her a singing Anna.
This girl loves all things Frozen.
Joseph got a new video game in his stocking.
Reading the info on the back.
Looking at her Anna doll again.
Unwrapping her cradle.
One of his accessories was a game controller that can be paired with his Switch.
My Calvin&Hobbes books.
My new wallet!
Playing with one of her new books. It’s called “Busy Santa” and has a little Santa in a sleigh that is a pull-back car. There are tracks on each page for the car to ride on. It’s a super fun book!

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