A Bit of Random

I kind of threw off my schedule by doing separate posts for Abigail’s birthday and for Christmas, so here are a few other pictures from yesterday and today to play catch-up:

I got some new decorations for the table: a galvanized metal milk jug and some faux plants.
Joseph enjoyed reading some Calvin and Hobbes.
Playing supermarket (Joseph was using Paul’s old electronic stud-finder as a scanner).
I wasn’t sure my poinsettia would turn red (the conditions aren’t exactly right for it and the leaves are rather new…they just started growing back this spring after they had all fallen off after a frost), but I got some pink leaves!
A scrubber that one of my friends made for me. I love the color!
The same friend made me this towel holder. She also gave me a cute Christmas towel, but I put a more utilitarian towel in the holder for now.
Paul got me these slippers and they are so comfy! Perfect for keeping my feet warm while walking around downstairs (with tile and laminate floors).


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