All About Abigail

December 22nd was Abigail’s 4th birthday! A little about her at age four: Some of her favorites are: unicorns, Frozen, anything Halloween, and the Hulk. She’s a good eater as long as carbs and cheese are present (and as long as her veggies are seasoned appropriately), and loves fruit snacks (only the red and pink ones, though) and plain Greek yogurt (still trying to figure that one out) as snacks (separately, of course). She loves picking out her own clothes and loves to sing along to her favorite songs. The sass can be strong with her, but so can the cuteness and love. We sure love our caboose! She rocked her well visit to the doctor, too. She had three vaccines and a finger pick and didn’t freak out or cry at all (there was a bit of a pouty face right at the end, but she was so brave)! She’s 41 inches tall (77th percentile) and 37 pounds (66th percentile).

She loves unicorns, bright colors, and spiders. 🙂
I told her it was time to decorate her cake, so she ran upstairs to her play kitchen and found her chef’s hat…
…and her apron. 🙂
They loved getting to put a ton of sprinkles on the cake. 🙂
The birthday banner and decorations.
Cake, plates, and napkins. We had pizza for dinner. 🙂
Abigail loves all things girly, but also loves Incredible Hulk…
…so this was what I came up with for the cake.
She got this Peek-a-Boo Magenta (from Blue’s Clues). If you squeeze the tummy…
…the ears lift up from in front of the eyes to play peek-a-boo.
She also got a singing Elsa…
…which she loved!
She really loved getting to rip off the wrapping paper.
This is a Blue’s Clues activity house. It has some fun characters and a lot of little interactive things it does.
Singing “Happy Birthday”.
She loved it!
Watching Hulk while eating cake.
Snuggling with me and Hulk after her doctor’s appointment.
I found my old Marvin the Martian and decided to let Abigail play with it.
Little did I know that he would be her constant companion (even to the grocery store)!
Playing peek-a-boo with Magenta.
She was a bit sad to take down her birthday decorations, but was happy when I told her we could hang them in her room.

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