Bonus Blog Post: Joseph’s Birthday Party

Joseph’s birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but we decided that since today was a holiday, it would be good to celebrate it today. We invited several of his friends over to play outside, have hot dogs and chips for lunch, and then go inside to play, followed by cake and presents. We also put together little goody bags for his friends (Paul came up with the idea of making it a “car emergency kit” that had a juice box, a fruit snack, a pair of sunglasses, some stickers, and a little matchbox car…brilliant).

After they played outside for a while (and got all sandy, hot, and sweaty), we let them play inside for a bit. Cars were definitely popular with this group!
Making beautiful music.
Joseph had so much fun with all his friends. 🙂
In this house, we do homemade cakes…so here is my version of a car cake. Paul came up with the idea to do the roads and put the cars on top…that way Joseph got some bonus cars, which he now calls his “cake cars” (with the exception of the Lightning McQueen one…that one is definitely Lightning McQueen). 🙂
Getting ready to blow out his candle…
Present time! This was a three-pack of monster truck cars.
A bucket of Play-doh and some shapes that he can use with it.
He also got a Spiderman spy kit that had a pair of binoculars, a flashlight, and a compass.
He liked pulling out all the tissue paper.
A mini Spiderman basketball hoop and ball that hangs over his bedroom door.


Video: Joseph blowing out his candle:


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