Birthday Week

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a week of birthday celebrations. My birthday was on Monday and Joseph’s was on Wednesday. I did a previous post about Joseph’s birthday party already. It was sort of hard explaining to Joseph on Wednesday that it was his birthday but that he wasn’t having a party (since we had his party early). He was really confused. When I got him up that morning, I sang “Happy Birthday” to him and said it was his birthday. He got really excited and said, “Really?! Have party?” I told him we had already had his party. He didn’t get upset or anything, he was just confused. We ended up having friends over to play to kind of make up for it. Joseph had his annual check-up as well. Luckily only one shot to have to deal with (flu shot). Since Paul did all his yard work before the party, we were free to have a fun day yesterday. We went to the farmers’ market in Old Town Helotes, went to the zoo for a couple of hours (added Joseph to our pass since he’s now three), had lunch at a place called Chris Madrid’s (seriously good burgers), and then headed home to relax before having homemade pizza for dinner.

Weekly Weather: We’ve had a few good-sized rainstorms come through, which has been quite a blessing. It has increased the humidity levels, but I’ll take it if it means more rain!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s looking forward to his classes with the Pathway Program starting up in a couple of weeks. Other than that, it’s kind of the same deal with him, yard work (I never realized how much work it takes to maintain a couple of yards…I’m so grateful he is such a hard worker), working with his scout, and working at the library. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Teaching piano, keeping Joseph happy and healthy, and trying to keep up with my church callings. Oh, and still trying to keep up with my work-out program. The other day, Joseph was watching me working on the elliptical. As soon as I stopped, he asked if I was done. I said that I was and then laid down to do some crunches. He asked if I was sleeping. When I told him no and started to do the crunches, he laid down next to me and tried to do his own, complete with sound effects. Pretty funny!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a blast at his birthday party. He also loved it when he got to have friends over during the week. This introvert momma needs to plan more play dates! He has also been working hard at growing. His three-year stats are as follows: 34.2 pounds and 37.5 inches tall…and I think that his soft spot FINALLY closed. Man, that took forever!

This Week in Pictures:

All dressed up for church (including his boots).
One of his favorite clothing combinations: his cowboy hat, a “cowboy” (plaid) shirt, and his boots.
These boots were made for walking…
He took off the hat, but everything else is still there.
Birthday present from my boys. There are also matching earrings.
A pretty fountain area at La Cantera.
Playing in the play area at La Cantera. Each of those pegs played a different tone of a major scale.
Wearing some of his favorite jammies (they have jets all over them).
I have awesome friends. I found this on our front porch, along with a text from a friend saying she left it there. 🙂
I always try to get his picture first thing on his actual birthday.
This is what he chose to wear to his check-up.
Yup…boots and all.
Snuggling after his appointment. Shots are never fun.
14 - 1 (33)
Paul took this picture. That’s probably a good 1-2 inches of rain running down all of the street.
Hanging out on the Komodo dragon statue.
He didn’t want to get off of that thing.
He kept saying, “I love this!”
Showing him how to open his new water bottle.
Enjoying a snack and drink.
Sitting on the bronze elephant. Ir was such a good day to go to the zoo. There was hardly anyone there (this tends to happen when school starts…even on the weekend).


Bonus Video: The effects of having two juice boxes practically in a row:


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