August is Almost Over

Weekly Happenings: It’s hard to believe that August is almost over. I’m looking forward to it, not just because we have the “fun” part of the year approaching (birthdays and holidays), but because fall temperatures are now on the horizon. Luckily the mornings have been a bit cooler so we were able to get out of the house to play a bit. I have forgotten how much Joseph loves the park. I need to be better about getting him out there to play. We also had a fun visit with our nephew, Shawn, who was in town for business. He was pretty busy, for obvious reasons, but we did get to have him come for dinner one night. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: It’s been slightly cooler this past week, especially in the mornings. We’re at about the mod-70s in the mornings and then mid- to upper-90s in the afternoons.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work has been good for him, and he spent quite a bit of time this past weekend getting the yard looking extra good since we’re having a birthday party for Joseph tomorrow (nothing too crazy, just some of his little friends coming over to play outside and have lunch, with cake and presents to wrap it all up).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mostly getting ready to have all my students starting back up now that school has started again. Also, getting stuff ready for the ward choir to sing, making sure all the visiting teaching slips have been passed out, and getting birthday stuff finalized. I also got my first (and unfortunately, probably not my last) fire ant bite. That little punk of a bug bit me while I was pushing Joseph on the swings at the park. It bit and then curled around the bite so that I couldn’t just shake it off, I had to pick it off. The bite started swelling up quite a bit, but one of my friends gave me an alcohol wipe, which helped a lot. A few days later it was still bothering me, so Paul got out some cream that he got from some sort of Army training. It helped a lot.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Perfecting his imaginative play. He was playing with two of my little stuffed bears. One of them was laying flat on the floor and he took the other one and walked it up to the one lying down and then said, “Get up, Captain Kirk!” It made me laugh quite a bit. Yes, he’s seen quite a bit of the original Star Trek, lol. He’s also much more into the idea of his birthday. He keeps talking about his birthday bike. Oh, and Jason sent him some play tools for his birthday, which he thought were awesome. He kept saying, “It’s for my birthday!” Finally, he has just recently started wanting to make sure that everyone we interact with knows what his name is and also knows that Paul and I are his mommy and daddy. It’s pretty cute.

This Week in Pictures:

Playing with his “big cousin”.
14 - 2 (13)
Riding his bike. I’m grateful for this less-busy road.
14 - 1 (32)
He’s getting quite good at pushing himself along.
His new tools from his Uncle Jason.
He wanted to make sure he was dressed properly to play with them.
Then he got right down to work.
It’s hard to believe that he’s going to be three in four days.
14 - 2 (12)
Hanging out in the swings at the park.
14 - 1 (31)
He was so happy to get out of the house and play.
14 - 1 (30)
When Paul went to Scouts this past week, Joseph and I tagged along and went to play in the field. He loved throwing his ball up in the air,
14 - 3 (5)
He also loved shaking the pods from the pepper tree to hear them rattling.
14 - 2 (11)
He kept saying it sounded like a rattle snake (which he’s only heard on TV).
14 - 1 (29)
I love this little man!

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