A Week of Sickies, Buckets of Rain, and…Halloween!

Weekly Happenings: This past week was quite the interesting one. Monday, I felt awful, so as soon as Paul got home from work, I went to bed. Literally. Paul was awesome enough to take care of Joseph so that I could just sleep off whatever it was that was attacking me (in the form of a fever, aches, and waves of nausea). I felt better on Tuesday, so I went ahead and took Joseph to the costume parade at the library. He had SO much fun! Wednesday was rather uneventful, but then Thursday Joseph woke up saying that his stomach hurt and he had a fever. Then he threw up. 🙁 Luckily, he showed enough signs prior to the event, that I almost got him to the bathroom fast enough. There was a bit of clean-up to do, but not as much as in times past. He spent all of Thursday on the couch (missing the ward trunk-or-treat, but shhhh, don’t tell him…he luckily forgot about it) and all of Friday on the couch, too. He went on a food strike and we barely got him to drink any fluids (I think he was afraid he would throw up again). His fever finally broke Friday night and his appetite is slowly coming back. Saturday we ran some errands (and took a spontaneous trip to the mall) and then got home just in time for Paul to take Joseph trick-or-treating and for me to hand out candy. Whew!

Weekly Weather: The beginning of the week was mild, but the weekend brought crazy weather. A couple of storms came through that each dropped a LOT of water. It was tricky for Paul to get to work on Friday because a lot of the roads were washed out. Craziness!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary. Mainly just work and school. He’s still maintaining excellent grades in his classes, which is impressive since they are quite challenging.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not much on this front, either…mainly due to needing to take care of Joseph. Piano teaching is going well, as is choir and visiting teaching stuff. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: The funny thing he’s been doing is he’s picked up the phrase, “I’m thinking of…” and then inserting something that he wants to do. For instance, when we were running our errands on Saturday, we hear from the backseat, “I’m thinking of us going to the mall so that I can do stuff.” He apparently recognized the fact that we were really close to the mall…hence our spontaneous trip out there. Little smarty-pants.

This Week in Pictures:

Wearing my boots. 🙂
Ready to leave for the costume parade!
He was excited that one of his friends was there, too!
Waiting for the parade to start. They paraded around the library and there were different employees that gave them candy for their buckets.
15 - 1 (53)
Pushing Superbear in the stroller.
Poor little sickie.
15 - 1 (52)
The local news covered the storms. As you can see, the dry creek beds are no longer dry…
I came across this at Target and caved. It will be perfect for Joseph’s room!
Overnight thunderstorms equaled a little boy who wanted to sleep in our room. Luckily the crib mattress is still accessible! I have no idea how he slept like that!
Opening a treat bag that one of Paul’s former coworkers sent home for him.
Joseph’s pumpkin. He requested that Paul paint it because he was still feeling too tired. Paul chose to do a face that Joseph would like.
Some last minute decorations. 🙂
The boys trick-or-treated (Joseph was done after one street…he was still feeling really tired yesterday)…
15 - 2 (18)
…while the witch stayed home to pass out candy.

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