Making Up for Lost Time, Energy, Food-Consumption, and More…

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty good. Joseph was finally feeling better enough to start eating again, which meant that his energy level practically skyrocketed. He seemed to be trying to make up for all that he missed while being sick. He’s been eating so much as of late! I don’t know how many times a day he comes up to one of us and says (in a very sweet voice, of course), “I need a snack!”. I can’t say that I’m annoyed by it at all, though…I’m just really grateful that he’s feeling better! As for our other weekly happenings, we took down the Halloween decorations, went to story time at the library, worked on various projects, and just enjoyed life in general.

The Weekly Weather: We had a few more rainstorms come through once again (always grateful for more moisture), and the temperature has dropped a bit. In fact, the past two days we’ve actually needed to wear long sleeves! I think it’s glorious!!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been working really hard at work and school. He just registered for his next set of classes (introduction to operation systems: Linux and security+), and is doing well there.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: The most notable thing that happened to me this past week was when I was taking apart one of the Halloween decorations (a small light-up skeleton). I popped the skeleton’s head off and a small tree frog hopped out and then starting jumping all over me. I eventually got the poor thing outside, but not before it peed all over everything, lol.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been doing great with his imaginative play (especially since the weather hasn’t been too agreeable). He’s been a spy, a ninja, Link, Mario, and Luigi…the works. It’s so great to see his mind work. One day, I was enjoying a soda when he approached me, wanting to know what I had (he’s been a bit of a mooch lately). I told him and he asked for a taste. He’s tried soda in the past and hasn’t liked the fizziness. He looked at it and then backed away, saying, “Is it fizzy? Um, no…I need to be grown up for that!” A few minutes later, he had another surge of bravery and again asked for a taste, but when I offered the cup, he again backed away, waving his hand and telling me that he needed to be grown up. He also saw what looked like a really cool toy on TV, but decided that it was most definitely meant for girls. He told me that he wanted to get that toy for me so that I could play with it. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

This was at the beginning of last week. He hasn’t taken afternoon naps for quite a while now, so I knew that when he fell asleep, he must have needed it. I just can’t believe how big he’s getting!
Joseph loves the gel clings for the various holidays that we can find in the Dollar Spot at Target. We actually found some fall ones!
I still love the door decoration I made from stuff I had lying around. 🙂
Our table is also dressed up for fall.
A fun sign I got this year to add to our fall decor.
The piano set up is still my favorite, I think.
Joseph insisted that we set up a place mat for (an invisible) Mario to eat his (invisible) food.
Oh yeah…we also totally rearranged the furniture in the loft this past week.
15 - 1 (54)
Watch out for Link and his pet spider, Carl! They’ll get you!
15 - 2 (20)
And no, I have no idea why Joseph named his spider Carl…but that is most definitely his name. I asked Joseph three different times and received the same answer each time.
It I fits, I sits…
Eating breakfast with Snoopy and Woodstock.
A little something I threw together with some wood that Paul had laying around, some glue, cardstock, and stickers (including some adhesive-backed rhinestones).
I decided to hang it in the powder room…the owls kind of go with the hummingbird and dragonflies.

Bonus Video: This is a short video of Joseph reading to me. He’s getting pretty good!


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