A Week Full of Love and Fun

Before I start my recap for this past week, I need to mention one thing I forgot to write about in my last post: the huge and (almost scary) thunderstorm that we had almost 2 weeks ago now. We were home (thank goodness) and starting to get Joseph ready for bed when it hit. We’ve had some pretty big storms while we’ve been here, but nothing compared to this monster. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain (big, fat raindrops) was literally hitting our house sideways. Lightning was flashing, thunder was booming, our lights were flickering, and rain was just pounding  the house (the weather-stripping on our front door couldn’t hold out the water, so Paul had to lay down towels in front of the door to keep the entry way from flooding…thank goodness we have tile there)! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it starting hailing. Now, I’m not talking pea-sized hail. It was the the size of quarters…almost golf-ball sized. Paul braved going out in it for a split second to throw some boards over my potted plants in the back (he saved them by doing that…they would have totally been torn up). The next morning, the weatherman was saying that our part of town got 5 inches of rain in that storm alone. Crazy! The wind and hail knocked some of our fence boards loose, but Paul was able to secure them back where they’re supposed to be. He’s so handy. 🙂 Luckily the worst part of the storm came while Joseph was still awake, so we could reassure him and let him know that even though it sounded scary, we were safe. He’s pretty mellow, so with our help, he took it all in stride.

Okay, Now for this past week: Monday and Tuesday were our shopping days, as usual, so not much happened on those days. Joseph is perfecting his climbing skills (which I’m not very happy about, but it’s life, lol). I now have to gate him into his room when I take a shower in the mornings so that he doesn’t get into trouble. The first day that I did so, he was SO not happy. He probably cried the entire time that I was getting ready. Each day got progressively better (at Paul’s suggestion, I started playing his kids’ music station on Pandora which seemed to help tons, along with him coming to the realization that I wasn’t going to leave him in there forever) and by Wednesday, he went in without a complaint and we haven’t had a problem since.

Our little climber
Our little climber

On Wednesday, we went to playgroup at the park (this past week’s location was a park that we hadn’t been to for quite a while…I’d forgotten how cool it is). Joseph loved running around, and he even found an old friend (I have another picture of him sitting on this same toy, but he was quite a bit younger) that he had to climb on right away:

Joseph's "old friend" the playground horse
Joseph’s “old friend” the playground horse

Two funny and cute things that have happened this week: One morning, I went into Joseph’s room to get him up for the day, and he popped up in his crib to greet me. This time, instead of his usual excited “HI!”, he said to me, “I see you!” I guess that all those games of peek-a-boo and “Where’s Joseph?” have really rubbed off, lol. The other funny thing is that Joseph has really started…relishing his food. The boy has always loved to eat, but now…almost every bite is immediately followed by him saying “UMMMM” (his version of “yum”). Paul managed to capture Joseph right at the height:

“Ummmmm!” I know he looks grossed-out in this picture, but the look is actually because he’s trying to get a REALLY big bite of oatmeal in his mouth

Oh yeah…he’s also getting better at his spoon control. He still goes pretty wild and crazy if I let him have full control (the other day I spent some time trying to get oatmeal out of his hair and eyebrows), but he gets better day by day.

Saturday, we decided to go to Old Town Helotes in the early evening to walk around. We got there a bit too late to look in any of the stores (it seems that most of them close around 5…we got there around 6) but we were able to walk around some pretty cool places anyway:

He loves to roam free
He loves to roam free
He loves benches that are just his size
He loves benches that are just his size…he climbed up there by himself 🙂
Cool old water barrel
I’m not sure what this thing behind us is…it just looked cool and said Helotes on it
In front of part of a windmill
In front of part of a windmill

To wrap up this post, I’d like to talk about my awesome Mother’s Day. It started out with Joseph sleeping past 7:00 (divine!), followed by breakfast. After breakfast, I was presented with my gifts:

My Mother's Day gifts
My Mother’s Day gifts

Paul knows that the book “Guess How Much I Love You” is one of my favorites (I actually got him a copy the Christmas before we got married), so he decided that Joseph’s gift to me would be a smaller, board-book version (so I can read it to him, since one of my favorite things to do is read to Joseph) of the book. Paul’s gift was a necklace that has two parts to it. One part says “I love you…” and the other part (on the moon-shaped piece) says “to the moon and back”. It’s actually my favorite quote from the book. My sweet husband put so much thought into this present, that I actually cried when I realized what it said. After breakfast, Paul gave Joseph his bath and then he watched him so that I could get ready for church. It was nice knowing that I could take a long shower and take more time getting ready, knowing that Joseph was in very capable hands. We then gave Joseph lunch and put him in for a nap…which he didn’t take (though he played very happily in his crib for an hour and a half, lol). After that was church, which was awesome! Beforehand, the leaders had arranged for substitutes for ALL of the women who normally don’t get to go to Relief Society (due to other callings) so that we could go for a special lesson (and treats)! The lesson was based on the 6-week scripture challenge that we just finished (we had 6 different sets of scriptures that we read, devoting an entire week each to each set, and recording our feelings in a journal that the Relief Society presidency provided for us). It was an amazing challenge, and an amazing lesson. It was mostly sisters bearing their testimonies about how the challenge helped them learn and grow. At the end of the lesson, we got cookies and milk, which were yummy! It was so great to be both spiritually and physically fed! After church, we went home and had dinner and then enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood. When we got home, we decided we’d better get Joseph to bed early, since he’d been up for 12 hours at that point (a LONG time for him). I love getting to put my little man to bed. As I was rocking him, watching him fall asleep, I was reminded of just how lucky I am to be his mother. He’s such a little miracle, that Paul and I created with the help of our Father in Heaven. As I moved him up to rest his head on my shoulder, I wanted to hold him like that forever…I realized that he’s getting so big…I want time to slow down just a bit so that he can be my baby for just a bit longer…but time marches on, and my little man is growing up, which is wonderful. I’m amazed at the things he accomplishes each and every day, an I love to see it happen. I hope and pray that he will turn into a good, strong man and worthy priesthood holder, just like his father. I love the men in my life!







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