Growing So Fast

Joseph seems to be growing up so fast! This past week has been full of reminders that he’s not a little baby any more. He’s beginning to try to exert his opinion about things (telling me he’s not ready for food or a drink by waving his hand at me and telling me “no-no”, or if I ask him about things like what show he wants to watch or what music he wants to listen to, he’s good at saying “no” to what he doesn’t want, lol). He also is beginning to figure out that he can manipulate certain things to his will, like pillows. 🙂

Lounging around while watching TV.
Lounging around while watching TV

Another thing he likes to do is try on different articles of clothing that don’t necessarily belong to him.

Loves wearing Daddy's hats.
Loves wearing Daddy’s hats
Wearing my shoes.
Wearing my shoes

One thing that reminds me that he’s getting bigger is that his nap times are becoming more hit-and-miss. He used to take a 2.5-3 hour nap every day, like clock-work. Now, I put him in his crib (he hasn’t learned to climb out yet, thank goodness) and sometimes he’ll fall asleep right away while other times he’ll play for a good long while before falling asleep. Today was one of the days that he fell asleep right away, which made me not feel AS bad when we had to wake him up to get him ready for church.

NOT quite ready to get up.
NOT quite ready to get up

As you can see, he has plenty of things to entertain him if he doesn’t feel like sleeping, lol.

Now he's up.
Now he’s up

The biggest change this week, is that he has started to drop two-word sentences here and there. The first instance occurred when I was putting him in his car seat. He likes to fasten the chest straps, so I was letting him do that, telling him that he was such a big helper. He said, “I helper!” It was awesome! It was also great when he was playing with a toy, held it up, and asked me, “Wat dis?”. Thirdly, just today, he showed Paul his monkey and said, “It’s monkey!” We’re very proud of him. 🙂

As far as other adventures, we’re having to get used to the humidity that is ever-present during the spring/summer in San Antonio as well as discovering all of the new “wildlife” in our area. This week was bug week. In addition to the “regulars”: scorpions (outside only, thank goodness) and spiders, we found these 3 guys:

Ox Beetle we found at the park
Ox Beetle we found at the park
Leaf bug hanging out on the side of our house.
Leaf bug hanging out on the side of our house
Stick bug hanging out on our screen door.
Stick bug hanging out on our screen door

A new adventure every day, I suppose!






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