A Rather Girly Weekend

The week itself was rather normal. We hung around the house, went grocery shopping, etc. The weekend is where all the action took place. On Friday I took Joseph to the zoo for a couple of hours. This time we focused on the Africa section and Joseph was super excited when we got over to where the elephant was, because we got there right as the trainer was getting it to do tricks. 🙂 Then Friday night, I had a night out with the girls. It was at my friend Tasha’s house. A bunch of us got together and did a favorite things party. Basically everyone chooses something they like that costs around $5. They buy 5 of those things and then bring them to the party. Then everyone puts their name into bowls (5 times). Once all the names are drawn, everyone basically has 5 things to take home. It’s pretty fun! Joseph came along to play with Tasha’s kids (her husband was watching them) since Paul isn’t supposed to lift anything yet. Joseph surprised me by NOT wanting to leave me at first. I think it was because he knew I was downstairs (not upstairs with him) and that I was having fun at a party. Andrew (Tasha’s husband) decided to take them to the park across the street. Joseph was happy to go play, but a little while later they came back with him crying and blood coming down his chin. Apparently he was laying on the bridge of the play area and another kid ran by him and he smacked his face against the bridge and split his lip. After we got him cleaned up, he wanted to stay with me, so he sat on my lap for the rest of the party. Towards the end of it, he started feeling better, so he kept getting up and trying to give people some of the stuff that I had collected, hahaha! There was one time that someone had put their items out on the floor and he said, “Oh, no! Mess!” and started trying to clean it up. 🙂 Saturday morning was spent running errands, Saturday afternoon at home, and then Saturday night, I got to go to the Women’s Conference. I dropped Joseph off at my friend Denise’s house (he did much better because Denise is Kysen’s mom, and Joseph has decided that Kysen is his best friend…we just don’t know if Kysen realizes it; he’s only 2, after all). 🙂 Denise and I then went out to the conference. There was a dessert bar before the conference, which was really yummy. The conference itself was SO great! Because this was the first year that they dropped the age all the way down to 8, the format included more music and a couple of videos to kind of keep the younger girls engaged. It was such a great night! As we were going home, Denise checked her phone and saw that she missed a couple of texts from her husband. The first one was asking if Joseph could have ice cream and the second one was him telling her to never mind the previous message. When we got back to their house, we found out that the reason why he told her to never mind was because Joseph had said no when asked if he wanted ice cream. He’s never really been into sweets. 🙂 Today was Paul’s first week back to church and it was so nice having him back and having his help with Joseph during Sacrament meeting. 🙂 After church we went and let Joseph “ride” his bike with the neighbor kids across the street and then we went and met the new people who just moved in next door. I’m super-excited that we have neighbors on both sides of us now! Oh, and they have a little boy who is just a bit older than Joseph!! After we met them, Joseph and I took a walk around the neighborhood.

The Weekly Weather: The weather this week has been great! We had a couple of days that were rainy, but they were still warm, so I think spring has finally come. Most of the days were warm (not too hot) and sunny. The bluebonnets are in full bloom, so I am remembering how beautiful South Texas is in the spring. 🙂

Funny/Cute Stories for the Week: Joseph was looking at an empty box I had given him (it was from some Ziplock bags). On the side of it, there were pictures of things you could keep in the bags. Joseph was pointing to each picture and saying, “Cookies for Kysen, crayons for Kysen…”. Have I mentioned that Joseph loves hanging out with Kysen? Hahaha.

While I was reading to Joseph one night this week, he decided I needed a microphone, so he held his hand up, in a fist, under my mouth. I guess the fact that they use a play microphone for part of music playtime is rubbing off on him.

When we were on our way to the zoo, we drove past a distribution center with a bunch of big rigs parked all in a row. Joseph said (kind of to himself), “Awww, all those sleeping trucks!” Yep. That’s a direct quote from Cars (when the truck that is hauling the race car wants to pull off at a rest stop and the race car tells him not to, he laments about all the sleeping trucks).

When he had his play date with Kysen, one of the first thing he did was gather up all the Lightning McQueen cars that they happened to have and play with them all at once. He seriously loves Lightning McQueen and Cars!

Joseph was looking at his Cars book that has some lift-flap features (hiding tractors). One of the tractors looks like it’s sleeping, so Joseph was yelling, “wake up!!” at it. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

He’s getting really good with his utensils…
…but he’s still quite the messy eater. 🙂
He was making faces at his reflection in the side of the bowl.
He loves that the chair is just the right size for him to lounge on.
He wanted ALL his teethers. And I quote: “Want foot, hand, and chewy.”
14 - 6 (2)
He really likes the miniature mongoose.
14 - 2 (7)
Every trip to the elephant section of the zoo requires a ride on the bronze elephant.
14 - 5 (2)
He kept trying to make elephant sounds.
14 - 1 (12)
He loved it when the elephant started doing tricks!
14 - 4 (3)
Realizing just how big the rhinoceros is. 🙂
14 - 3 (3)
My monkey loves to look at other monkeys. 😉
Joseph loves his room. The focus in this picture is the painting of an elephant that Paul’s brother, Jason, made for Joseph (since he knows how much Joseph loves elephants). It is so great, and Joseph loves it! He sees it and says, “Uncle Jason!”
This is a picture Paul took as we were using the ATM. Right after we made our deposit, the thing shut down (luckily spitting out our card first), and then was having trouble starting up again. We stopped by the bank to let them know what happened and to get a receipt to make sure our deposit was done correctly. Yeesh…
Joseph loves taking pictures of himself. In this one, you get a really good view of his busted-up lip.
He’s ready for his close-up!


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