Conference Weekend

The week just seemed to fly by. The weather was gorgeous, so Joseph and I spent quite some time outside playing and taking walks. Then we got the added bonus of it being General Conference weekend. I love General Conference! I must admit, with a toddler running around, it makes it a little difficult to fully absorb everything that is said, but I am able to glean little, precious nuggets of truth here and there. Plus, I was able to watch the Priesthood session this time, since it was broadcast over the Mormon Channel on our Roku box. Extra bonus. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: As mentioned before, the weather has been just great! The days are warmer, but not too warm, with an occasional cool/rainy-ish day mixed in here or there. I’ll have to remind myself, once summer hits, just how much I love the other seasons here in San Antonio.

Funny/Cute Stories for the Week:

One morning, I went to get Joseph out of his crib and we had this discussion:

Me: Good morning, Joseph!

Joseph: Good morning, Mommy! I hear sound!

M: Oh, you heard a sound? What did you hear?

J: I hear cricket!

M: You heard a cricket? Did it go ‘chirp, chirp’?

J: Yup!

Joseph loves helicopters, only he calls them “hello, copters” 🙂

One afternoon, I was laying on the couch, resting. I felt Joseph come up next to me, and place something on top of me (which turned out to be one of his bears). He then proceeded to do his best to cover me up with a blanket. He then said, “All comfy, Mommy?” When I answered in the affirmative, he then proceeded to climb up and start climbing all over me. 🙂

Joseph was playing with an old Nintendo game controller that Paul has. He came over to me, with the thing slung around his neck. He then held the controller part up to my chest and put the other end up next to his ear. When I asked what he was doing, he said, “Hi, I Dr. Joseph, check heartbeat.” He then proceeded to check it by saying, “beep, boop, beep, boop.” Then he said, “Okay, thanks. I’ll be right back!”

Today he walked up to me and asked me to sing “Grandma’s song”. At first, I didn’t realize what he was wanting me to sing, and then he said, “My little baby?” Then I knew what he was talking about! My mom made up a song and used to sing it to him all the time. The last time he heard it was at Christmas time…yet he remembered it. It goes, “My little baby doesn’t want to go to bed, my darling little baby doesn’t want to go to bed. My little baby doesn’t want to go to bed, my baby doesn’t want to go to bed. My little baby doesn’t want to go to sleep, my darling little baby doesn’t want to go to sleep. My little baby doesn’t want to go to sleep, my baby doesn’t want to go to sleep. My little baby doesn’t want to shut his eyes, my darling little baby doesn’t want to shut his eyes. My little baby doesn’t want to shut his eyes, my baby doesn’t want to shut his eyes.” 🙂 He then asked for the “dooty-doo Grandpa song”. That one I knew to be the one that my mom’s father would hum to his children and grandchildren, but my dad would do it, too, while bouncing Joseph on his knee. What wonderful memories!

This Week in Pictures:

FHE lesson on Easter. We talked about how Jesus died and was resurrected. Paul had a picture of Jesus at the tomb (post resurrection) that Joseph got to color.
He loves to color with Daddy.
There was one day in particular that Joseph just ate, and ate, and ate. He had asked for peanut butter bread for lunch, so I gave it to him. When he noticed what I was eating (Italian wedding soup from a can), he wanted some. He ate half of my soup, including the spinach! He then requested a yogurt…
…and finally finished up with the rest of the peanut butter bread that I gave him in the first place.
One evening, we decided to take Joseph over to the other side of our subdivision to where the park is. He was having a blast!
He loves the slides.
Especially the curvy one.
He kept cycling around from where I’d lift him up to the steps of the slide (since the slide is in the middle of the larger play area, which is still kind of too big for him to manage 100% on his own), to climbing up the steps, to sliding down the slide, and then all over again.
He still loves, loves, loves to swing, though.
Showing off his Google shirt that Jason got him. 🙂
Yesterday morning was spent with Paul mowing the yards, me weeding, and Joseph playing. He was really unsure of the lawnmower, but did not want to go back inside, so I put him in the swing for a bit. When Paul got closer to the swing with the mower, Joseph decided it was okay to head in.
In between Conference sessions yesterday, I took Joseph to the market day at Old Town Helotes. The State Farm booth was giving away firefighter hats as well as bouncy balls. Joseph was super excited! After he got his hat, he kept saying, “I a firefighter!” and making siren noises.
One of Joseph’s new favorite things to eat is a hamburger patty with cheese. He was kind of distracted at lunch so Paul did the normal thing of taking one bite from his plate. Normally he doesn’t make a big deal out of it and will start eating again so that Paul can’t “steal” any more. Well, this time, it was NOT okay.
He “tattled” on Daddy to me, telling me that Paul ate his cheeseburger all gone. I assured him he still had plenty and that he better eat up.
“Don’t even THINK about another bite, Daddy!”
“This is MY cheeseburger!”
And because he likes to see himself in my camera, I took this shot of him. 🙂

Bonus Video: I actually got Joseph to sing “Itsy, bitsy spider” for me…even though he first thought I was taking his picture (hence why he says “cheese” in the beginning):


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