Sayonara Nap time :/

Joseph has decided that nap time is a thing of the past. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but someone flipped a switch in his head and now he has decided that he no longer needs them (and for the most part, he’s fine. He doesn’t really get super-cranky; just run-of-the-mill-average-two-year-old-cranky at times). I think I was more bummed about it than him (okay, scratch that; I KNOW I was more bummed than him) because I kind of got used to that 2-3 hour break every day! This week has been an experiment to see what types of things I can do to keep him entertained during the day. This means quite a bit more outings. I’m now LOVING the fact that we have zoo passes and that the zoo is only about 30 minutes away, because that’s something that we can do that doesn’t cost any additional money. He and I took a trip to the zoo this past week. We also went to the farmers’ market that they have downtown, as well as a trip to Old Town Helotes to walk around. Other than that, our week has been full of the normal stuff.

Paul has been continuing to recover from his surgery. He returned to work (he just makes sure to take it easy while there. Someone else is shelving books and doing the heavy lifting) and is supposed to get his stitches removed on Tuesday. We still need to (constantly) remind Joseph that Daddy still has a big owie (it’s not as apparent to him now that Paul is up and about more) and that he needs to be gentle with him.

Milestone Microsecond: I decided to take down the remaining baby gate from the stairway. Joseph does really well with stairs and his soft spot is almost closed (I seriously thought it would be gone way before now, but every kid is different, I suppose…his doctor said that it’s normal for it to take this long to close since it was so large to begin with). Now I just need to remember that he can now follow me…everywhere. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: This week has been beautiful! Not too hot, not too cold, not too humid…we spent a lot of time outdoors taking walks, playing in the backyard, playing with friends, etc. I love spring in San Antonio!

Funny/Cute Stories: So I picked up some new straw sippy cups for Joseph (he kept chewing through the straws of his old ones). His two current favorite movies are Cars and Finding Nemo. As I was looking at cups, I noticed that the cup design I liked (as well as the price) happened to have Disney characters on them. They had Cars and Finding Nemo. Seriously? Score! Joseph was so excited about his new cups that he kept asking for something to drink…yeah…I was changing his diaper about every hour, lol.

Joseph has decided that he needs to use the word “giant” to describe everything that is remotely larger than himself. It’s rather amusing. 🙂

I showed Joseph the shirt that I was going to change him into (his previous shirt had gotten filthy from playing, food, etc.) which happened to be his robot shirt. He got all excited, started dancing around, shouting “robot shirt!”, and then he started walking around in short, stiff, robot-like steps while saying (in as mechanical-sounding a voice as possible), “I a robot.” He entertains me every day. 🙂

Getting ready for bed one evening, I handed Joseph the book that he’d picked out for me to read to him (Go Dog, Go). He climbed up onto the couch and then grabbed his bear. He sat his bear right next to him, said, “Listen up, Bear!” He then opened the book up, said, “Go Dog, Go…by P.D. Eastman” and then proceeded to “read” the book to his bear. I was amused and impressed at the same time.

This Week in Pictures:

Showing me just how much he loves his new cup…
He felt it was the perfect place to sit.
Sporting his hat the way he prefers to wear it most of the time now. He flips it around on his own. 🙂
14 - 1 (11)
He was saying, “I Uncle Jason!” I’m trying to remember if Jason tends to wear his hat backwards.
Zoo trip: He kept saying, “Hi, Bird!!”
14 - 5 (1)
They have a Tiny Tots Exploring area at the zoo. It’s indoors and has things like toy phones, cash registers, etc. It was hard convincing him to leave.
14 - 2 (6)
Checking out the reptiles…this guy is like an alligator but has a long, skinny snout, almost like a saw.
14 - 1 (10)
The jaguar is one of Joseph’s favorites (after the monkeys, of course).
14 - 7 (1)
Scattered around the zoo they have different statues that they allow the kids to climb around on. Joseph’s favorite is the elephant, but he likes the hippos as well.
14 - 4 (2)
It was a cooler day, so the statue hadn’t had a chance to heat up too much, yet.
14 - 6 (1)
It was still a smidge warmer than he preferred, though…so he didn’t stay on it for too long.
Cheesin’ it up for Daddy.
At the farmers’ market.
Checking out a restored caboose that they had over close to the farmers’ market.
For a little boy who loves trains, this was awesome.
14 - 3 (2)
One of my favorite picture-taking spots in Old Town Helotes.
14 - 4 (1)
There’s a lot of old architecture and what-not. I think this is an old water storage-type thing.
14 - 2 (5)
He loved this little red wagon.
14 - 1 (9)
He wanted to splash in the water so bad…I convinced him not to, since we could see fish swimming around in it.
Last week I posted a picture of the tomato plants that were sprouting. This week it’s the cilantro!
Joseph’s reaction to discovering that the gate is no longer on the stairs.
Playing with his airplane toy: ready…


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