A Normal Week Followed by a Crazy Night

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty normal. We did our normal stuff and just hung around the house. Paul had Friday off, so we headed out to the zoo since it’s been a while since we’ve gone as a family. Yesterday, Paul had a lot of homework, so we pretty much just hung around the house. Our crazy night was last night and it had to do with the weather…

The Weekly Weather: It was pretty mild for most of the week: we had the occasional rainstorm move through, but not anything too crazy. Last night was a different story. A little after midnight, it started flashing and rumbling. Pretty soon, Joseph was in our room, shaking and crying because the thunder was so loud. After we got him settled down (snuggling in our bed helped a lot), Paul took the crib mattress out of the crib, set it on the floor, and got his sleeping bag and pillow. He slept there the rest of the night (he even laughed in his sleep once, so I was happy that he got some rest). Paul and I had broken sleep to say the least, since the storm was pretty intense. It lasted for close to four hours, with the worst part (constant lightning flashes and no break in thunder) being from 4:00-4:30. It was quiet (with only the occasional flash and distant rumble) for about an hour and a half and then another one came in from about 6:00-to 7:30 or so…needless to say, Paul and I are pretty tired.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He hasn’t been doing too much out of the ordinary. Work, school, Scouts, and doing stuff around the house keep him pretty busy. He has continued to be really helpful with Joseph, since I’m still not feeling too hot.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: One fun thing I did was go to a favorite things party (you choose your favorite thing at a certain price point and then bring in a select amount of that item and go home with the same amount of items; in this case I chose an item for $5 and brought 3 of them and then went home with 3 different items). I came home with some fun stuff! I had so much fun chatting with friends and eating yummy treats (everyone brought an appetizer or dessert to share) I forgot about how sick I’ve been feeling lately. I love all the friends I’ve made since moving out here!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed a park play date this week and enjoyed hanging around the house. As we were coming home from the grocery store one day, he sighed happily and told me that he loved our home. I do too, kiddo…I do, too.

This Week in Pictures:

One morning, I opened the bathroom door to this. He had stepped into my tennis shoes and was “exercising”. This boy never ceases to entertain me.
Two of the items I came home from the favorite things party with: a glass drink dispenser and a cool cheese grater/bowl combo (you can grate the cheese directly into the blue bowl and then the bowl comes with a tight-fitting lid to store any leftover cheese). There are two different types of graters included (a larger one and then a finer one). I’m not sure where the dispenser came from (most likely Target or Wal-mart), but the cheese grater is from IKEA.
My third “item” was a combo item (multiple items that add up to the desired amount) that included this fun ceramic lemon…
…and this pretty lip stain.
It’s not often that we let Joseph go on the carousel at the zoo, but he seemed to be stuck on it this time around (it was all he could focus on until we got there). He does look pretty happy. Paul took him, since I didn’t feel like a spinny-ride would be a good idea for an already-nauseous momma.

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