The Same Old Song

Weekly Happenings: I feel like I’ve been typing the same introductory sentence for a few weeks now, but this past week was another rather laid back one. Monday was Memorial Day, which we spent hanging around the house. Paul had homework to do, as well as the task of taking our dryer apart in order to pull out the faulty part that was making it not stay on. He ordered a new part (since Lowe’s didn’t have them and the parts store was closed due to the holiday). He was able to bypass it temporarily so that we can use the dryer until he gets the chance to take the thing all apart again to replace the part (which I’m sure he’s looking forward to like a kid looks forward to Christmas…). The rest of the week was pretty similar. Crazy storms during the night tired us out and crazy storms during the day kind of kept us home-bound (I didn’t want to risk driving in it in case there was flooding). Paul did go on a quick overnight camp out with the Scouts on Friday night. He took our van and slept in the back (which was a good thing, since it did rain overnight on them).

The Weekly Weather: Rain, rain, go away, come again…oh, I don’t know…next month, maybe?! We have had so much rain recently! I wouldn’t mind it as much if it didn’t almost always come with crazy thunder and lightning as companions. I really mean it when I say crazy, too. I’ve heard of three different instances of lightning hitting homes in the past two weeks alone (one of which was one of my friend’s home). The reservoir near our home is now officially at capacity. It’s been an adventure to say the least!

What Paul’s Been Up To: School, work, Scouts, and fixing stuff around the house. I still feel the need to express my gratitude for how much he’s taken on with Joseph and the house while I haven’t been feeling well during the first part of this pregnancy. Joseph’s been loving the extra Daddy-time. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Other than going out to meet up with friends for Sonic shakes one night, not too much, really. Truth be told, I spend a lot of my time laying on the couch, right now, just trying to not let the nausea and fatigue take over. It may be my imagination, but I think in the last couple of days, I’ve felt it subside just a little. Fingers crossed that since it started so early, it will be over soon (unless I just jinxed myself, haha)!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been spending a lot of time playing inside (due to the weather). I would love to take him out to play in the rain (especially since it’s almost always a warm rain during this time of year). I think he would really love it, but with the lightning always so close (there were quite a few times it was so close it shook the windows), it’s really not a good idea…so we just watch from inside. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to see my friend Lisa, whom I hadn’t seen since we were teenagers. She and her family recently moved to Lubbock and they happened to come down to San Antonio for the weekend. 🙂
When it’s almost 8:00 and it’s still 85 degrees…everyone gets a shake from Whataburger. Paul was home doing homework, so we brought one home for him.
He was being a turtle in its shell. 🙂
I came downstairs to find him very seriously mixing up a batch of “yucky mud”. Luckily, it was pretend mud!
With one of his LEGO “creations”. It was a “LEGO guy launcher”. If you look closely, you might be able to see the LEGO guy on the top, in the act of being “launched”.
This. This is why he has a daddy.
16 - 1 (6)
Seeing just how tall of a tower he could build.
He was getting upset every time his wobbly tower would fall over, so we had a lesson on how larger bases make for stronger, less wobbly towers.
Our nighttime story time has become him reading to us (he almost always insists upon it). This is one of his favorites (he was reading to Paul in this instance). He also read “Fox in Socks” to me this past week.
Paul’s foil dinner for the camp out on Friday. Everyone was responsible for bringing their own food for the fire, so Paul did his normal foil dinner.
Here’s a fun info-graphic…

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