A Rainy Week and a Recital

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty low-key. Unfortunately with how nauseous and tired I have been, we haven’t done too many things outside of the house. Fortunately, Joseph is really patient and really likes playing with his toys. ūüôā The weekend was a bit more lively. Friday, we met up with Paul just outside the base (since I no longer have a military ID), he drove us in, and we attended the annual picnic lunch for his work. Joseph had a lot of fun walking around, playing games, and seeing big-wigs get dunked in the dunk-tank. Yesterday was a packed day in that in the morning we cleaned the park, had my annual piano recital at our house in the afternoon, and then had friends over to play games in the evening.

The Weekly Weather: I think this past week, the rainy days outweighed the non-rainy ones. If they didn’t, I’m sure Thursday counted for at least two days-worth of rain. It started at about 7:00 and finally let up a little before 11:00. Paul said that as he was driving to work, he had to drive really slowly to avoid hydroplaning on the highway. Luckily our friends across the street invited us over for a play date or else we might have gone crazy at home! I think we got close to three inches of rain with that storm alone.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been getting back into the groove after his trip. Work, school, and Scouts. He also did some yard maintenance, for which I am always grateful. Oh, and he’s been taking care of Joseph in the mornings so that I can get some extra sleep. Joseph usually wakes up not too long after Paul gets up to get ready for work, so they go downstairs, have breakfast together, and then Paul sets Joseph up with toys to play with until I get up. I’m so grateful he’s such a dedicated daddy and caring husband!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I think I’m pretty much in survival mode right now, hahaha. Luckily, with summer approaching quickly (I think there’s only a couple weeks of school left), most of my students have asked to take the summer off. I asked the others who hadn’t said anything about vacations if they were going to come (and mentioned that most seemed to be taking the summer off) and they also decided to take the summer off. Hopefully by September I’ll be feeling better (or at least be done with the nausea/fatigue that seems to be defining the first trimester of this pregnancy). Now that recital is over, I can relax a bit and concentrate on choir music. I also keep semi-busy with my newest calling at church (compassionate service) making sure that those who are sick, just had a baby, or are new to our flock are getting their needs met.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been displaying his ever-increasing vocabulary. Last night, he was reading me a book about bugs and he made sure to tell me that the bugs who were hiding were using camouflage to hide from predators. The other day, while¬†watching a Daniel Tiger episode where Daniel Tiger was talking about how stars make pictures in the sky, Joseph shook his head and said, “Daniel Tiger doesn’t know that those pictures are really constellations.” He then proceeded to let me know that when Daniel Tiger was talking about falling stars, the falling stars were really perseids (yes, I know that Perseids refers to a specific meteor shower, but I was still impressed he remembered the term). Thanks Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, and Curious George!

This Week in Pictures:

Joseph checking out his new set-up. Paul moved his books from the box we had them in onto his bookshelf (now that he’s well-past the “pull everything off the shelves” phase).
Paul moved the dresser from the guest room into Joseph’s room. It’s a great place to display his LEGO creations.
Paul also hung up the fabric scroll decoration of Link that our friend Anthony brought Joseph before moving to Kentucky. He was also the one who got Joseph a little plush Link for his birthday. He’s a really awesome, caring guy who always paid attention to Joseph and made him feel important. We’ll miss him, for sure!
The new loft set-up.
Paul’s office.
His computer set up. If this baby’s a boy, he’ll share Joseph’s room and we’ll keep this room as an office…if it’s a girl, we’ll turn the office into her room and most likely put up a shed in the back yard to turn into an office.
There was one morning Joseph played with his LEGOS literally all morning. This was quite wonderful, seeing as I felt like spending that entire time laying on the couch.
I think he was pretending to be a Power Ranger (I don’t think he’s ever seen the show, but he’s seen the toys in the store). I just love the combination of the boots, shorts, Captain America shirt, and foam sword.
He created a “secret Pok√©mon training base”.
Chowing down at the work picnic.
Joseph really liked the baked beans.
I mean, he really did. I think he was literally going, “Mmmmmm!” in this picture.
This was his favorite game by far.
He loved trying to get the bean bags into the hole. 
IMG_0572 (2)
This picture was snapped by someone at the picnic. We were watching the guys get dunked in the dunk tank.
IMG_1056 (2)
Another one taken by someone at the picnic. I think we were roaring at each other, ha.

Bonus Video: My Annual Piano Recital (thanks for setting up the recording and getting it all taken care of, Paul!)


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