A Nice Cool Week

Weekly Happenings: The week started out with Veterans’ Day. Paul didn’t have work, so we attended the Veterans’ Day assembly at Joseph’s school. I think it’s really neat how much patriotism is present here. The middle of the week was rather average, so we made up for it by popping over to the zoo this morning. The kids loved it as usual. Abigail was a bit miffed that I put her in the stroller. The last few times, we’ve let her walk, but today I didn’t feel like trying to keep up with her. We made it up to her (and as a special treat for Joseph as well) by riding the train after we were done at the zoo. The train was all decked out for Christmas (as was the zoo). Tonight kicks off Zoo Lights. Members get to go see it a week before it opens to the general public. We went early last year, but felt that this year we could wait until later. We didn’t really feel like dealing with the crowds that tend to occur at the beginning of events like this. We’ll probably wait until December to actually go. The fun part about the train ride today was that since it was already transformed into the “Polar Express”, the kids got jingle bell bracelets. They loved that part!

The Weekly Weather: The beginning of the week was downright cold. We had below-freezing temperatures overnight a couple of nights and the mornings were even too cold for us to walk to school. The end of the week (and today especially) were closer to what I’m used to for fall in South Texas: sunny and temps in the 50s-60s.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been working on sprucing up the neighborhood holiday decorations since he’ll be putting them up next week. He’s also been busy at work, of course.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much on my part other than my normal things.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a fun week at school. He did a cool project for GT, had fun in his class, and is really looking forward to this next week since he has it off, haha. I think it’s nice that the kids get the entire week off for Thanksgiving. It makes it easier for those who are traveling.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been her regular happy-go-lucky self. She has also gone back to napping on a daily basis after a couple of rough days (she didn’t want to nap but she really needed to…but she refused to…yeah, one of those things).

This Week in Pictures:

At the conclusion of the Veterans’ Day assembly the kids gave each veteran a flag. Abigail pretty much claimed Paul’s once we got home.
As part of the GT program at school, Joseph made this model of a moonscape, showing the different moon landings (the gold star is where he would land if he could). The text is sentences that he came up with about the moon. I love that he’s getting challenged in a fun way!
Chilly mornings mean needing to bundle up a bit for school drop-off.
I told her it was nap time and she did this: she said “no”, turned around, and sat down on her bike. Maybe she thought a sit-in would yield the result of no nap time? Not when you’re less than 25 lbs., love. Luckily she happily went into her crib and slept a blessed 2.5 hours.
I told her we were going to go to Target. She took the bag from me, put it on her shoulder, and was ready to go!
Our yummy dinner last night. I grated fresh garlic into the dough as I was making it and it was such a good addition!
Can you spot the tiger?
Checking out the lions.
They were pretty chill today.
I let Abigail his the button for our zoo train “selfie”. We got a last minute addition to the photo, though!
Here’s one with everybody!
Hanging out by the river (right outside the zoo and the zoo train station).
Chillin’ on a park bench.

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