Bike Rodeos and Ponytails, Oh My!

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a pretty average one. Joseph participated in the annual “bike rodeo” at his school. They had certain tasks they were supposed to do (ride in a straight line, go in-between cones, ride in a circle, etc.) and whoever had the most points won (points were also awarded for items on the bike like reflectors, a bell, and things like that). Since Joseph still has his training wheels on his bike, he wasn’t able to compete, per se, but he still got to ride in it and got a spirit stick (a small piece of embroidered fabric that the kids at his school collect…he likes to get the ones from the library whenever he turns in a reading log, so a bike rodeo one was icing on the cake), which he was pretty happy about. Also this week, I’ve been trying better to actually do something with Abigail’s hair every day. It’s still rather short , so she’ll still get mistaken for a boy rather often. I’ve been practicing with what I call a “whale spout” ponytail. Funny enough, as soon as I started to do that, no more mistakes have been made, haha.

The Weekly Weather: It was rather warm at the beginning of the week, but has since cooled down nicely. We’ve also had a bit of rain, which is always appreciated.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work, working on the little free library, and getting the neighborhood Christmas decorations out of storage so that he can have them spruced up enough to install in two weeks (they usually decorate the entrances the Saturday after Thanksgiving). He has to take advantage of sunny days between rain storms.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve pretty much been just pluggin’ along, doin’ the mom thing. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He thoroughly enjoyed the bike rodeo (this was the first year he was able to participate). He also enjoyed riding his bike around the neighborhood on one of the clear days we had this past week. Other than that, his days have been full of school, reading fun books, playing games, and entertaining his sister.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been her regular happy self, for the most part. There has been a slight increase in “demanding-ness”, but I figure that comes with the territory. She will be two in just over a month, after all. Both yesterday and today she refused to go in for a nap. Yesterday she seemed fine without it (and so far today seems okay), so we’ll see how it goes, but she might be stopping naps (enter big sigh here from Momma, but I’ll deal, haha). Joseph stopped about this time, so I can’t say that I’m awfully surprised, but I was hoping to stretch it out a little bit longer.

This Week in Pictures:

“Oooooh! Mom left the ‘lock’ off!”
Too cool for school (not really…he just really likes his sunglasses).
A foggy morning walk to school allowed us to stumble upon this phenomenon. Apparently there is this insect called a webworm that will leave webs all over trees. Even though it’s cool-looking, I’m glad this isn’t our tree. I’ve heard it’s a lengthy process to rid the tree of the pests without damaging the tree.
Putting a ponytail in means that I can pull out all the clips I’ve acquired from friends.
Ready for the rodeo.
Testing out the brakes.
Going around the circle.
He got his spirit stick!
Ponytail aftermath…I had taken the rubber band out about 30 minutes before taking this picture, and most of her hair was still sticking straight up, haha. This bodes well for when she’s older and I try to curl it, haha.
She’s been trying to jump lately. This involves crouching down and popping back up. Her feet haven’t left the ground yet, but they will soon!
After school bike ride!
I came upstairs and saw this…
I love sights like this!
I think this narwhal clip is one of my favorites.
One of my friends gave me narwhal, octopus, and shark clips (there are two of each, but for right now I’ve just been using one at a time). I love how quirky they are!
That, ladies and gentlemen, is an entire chicken nugget in her mouth. I’m not sure why she decided to shove it in her mouth whole as opposed to taking bites, but luckily she eventually swallowed it all.
Wearing the mask that came with her happy meal. I think it’s a mask from the new My Little Pony movie.

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