And I Thought Last Week Was Rough

I thought last week was rough when Abigail got sick. I had no idea! Her fever wasn’t getting better and her cough was getting worse, so I took her back in to urgent care. The doctor that saw us figured that the bacteria was resistant to the amoxicillin, so he prescribed a different antibiotic (cefdinir). He also felt like she had the beginnings of pneumonia, so he set us up with a nebulizer and some albuterol (he even let us borrow his nebulizer since we found out that insurance wasn’t going to cover one). He called the next day to check on her and when he found out the fever was still hanging on, he prescribed another antibiotic for the pneumonia (azithromycin) to take along with the cefdinir. Oof. The next couple of days were a bit dicey and she went back and forth with feeling okay and feeling miserable. Today is the first day where she hasn’t had a fever at all and she’s acting like herself. We’re hoping that she continues to improve!

Floppy is a good companion during breathing treatments.
A good moment: playing “keepy-upy”, which is basically a game of not letting the balloon touch the floor. She got the name from Bluey (one of her favorite cartoons).
Finally sleeping less fitfully.
So. Much. Medicine. Fever-reducers, antibiotics, decongestant stuff, probiotics (to help counteract the side effects of the antibiotics)…vapo-rub stuff (which she won’t let us put on her because she says it smells bad…we did get to use the little pads that go into the vaporizer, though). Not pictured is the vaporizers that we had going in whatever room she was in and the nebulizer.
She has been playing normally today with just occasional coughing. She’s still congested, so we’re still giving her decongestant (along with her antibiotics and the breathing treatments). My heart is so relieved and happy.

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