A Chill Week

This past week was really laid back. We pretty much just puttered along. The kids went to school, Paul went to work, and I kept the house running while doing some volunteer work at the school (for picture day: I helped keep the classes that were coming in and made sure everyone looked their best for their pictures). Joseph had his annual physical at the doctor and Abigail kept me on my toes (that’s nothing new, though).

This picture cracks me up. Abigail had called Joseph over to help her with something on the game she was playing (she loves the educational games on PBS Kids, but sometimes gets hitched up because she isn’t reading yet). I was making dinner, so I was only partially aware of what was going on. Pretty soon I heard Joseph mildly protest, ask Abigail what she was doing, and then start laughing. I turned around and saw this going on. Right as I went to take the picture, she leaned over to try to grab at the mouse to continue the game since Joseph had finished the tricky bit. At that point, I called for Paul to come rescue Joseph. Such a patient big brother!
Paul’s brother (Jason) got us this portable cornhole set. It’s really easy to set up and breaks down rather compactly. Abigail was really excited to get it outside and play with it. She’s pretty good at it…especially when she gets really close. 😉
One of the perks of walking the kids to school in the mornings is that we get to see some pretty stellar sunrises. I love it when there are a lot of big poofy clouds involved.
I got Paul a cast iron dutch oven for his birthday. One day this past week, he decided to make stew in the smoker, which turned out super delicious!
Abigail’s teacher has one of the newer Polaroid cameras. She was letting Abigail play with her Woodstock right before they needed to go get pictures taken. Abigail was convinced that Woodstock needed to get his picture taken, too (oh, boy). Abigail’s teacher took this picture in the gym, so that Woodstock wouldn’t need to be with her when she had HER picture taken (thank you, Mrs. Moreno). A friend of mine was helping Abigail’s class go through (this was right before I got there) and Abigail was more than willing to let my friend hold Woodstock while she had her picture taken. Thank goodness, haha.
Mrs. Moreno also let Abigail take Woodstock home so that he could meet her Woodstock. Abigail really lucked out in the teacher category this year!
When Paul left to take Joseph to Primary activities, Abigail wanted to go do something fun, too. I told her we could go to Target and look at the Halloween decorations. We ended up picking up one of these pajama sets. She was ridiculously excited to get to pick out this Sonic the Hedgehog set. It’s rather lightweight as far as this type of thing goes, so she might even be able to get away with wearing it as a Halloween costume if it doesn’t end up completely trashed before then, haha.
We got the pajama set on Thursday night and this is Friday morning. As soon as she got up, she wanted it on. I didn’t let her sleep in it because I needed to wash it…plus I didn’t want her to get too hot (we’re still having some pretty warm weather) AND I didn’t want her having to deal with a big long zipper (even though it’s in the front) if she woke up in the middle of the night needing to use the restroom. When it was time to get dressed for school, she protested until I said to myself (but loud enough for her to hear, obviously) that I thought I would be able to win a race up the stairs against Sonic. It was on, then. She got upstairs and I was able to get her dressed in less than five minutes, haha. I did also promise to let her put it back on as soon as she got home from school (which she did). In fact, she wore it for the majority of today, as well. 🙂
We took the kids to a BBQ place that had a playground out back. We ate and then let them play for a bit.
Abigail really liked the slide.
Joseph felt a little big for the play structure itself (it did look like it was designed with younger kids in mind), but he did really enjoy the tire swing.
He could get it going pretty good.

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