A Bit of a Jumble

This past week was kind of a mixed bag. We had a challenging day or two (Abigail had a bit of the stomach flu) but luckily some fun things as well (crazy hair day at school, Paul’s birthday, and fun nature-y things).

Abigail came home from school with some fake cactus pieces. She wanted to get a container to put them in, so we went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a mini watering can and some Styrofoam disks. I stacked the disks in the can to create a little bit of height (luckily they were exactly the right size, so I didn’t have to cut them down at all), cut out a circle of brown construction paper to look like dirt, and popped the pieces in.
One of my favorite things about getting to walk the kids to school is that I get to see pretty sunrises.
This is the tiniest anole I’ve ever seen. He (or she) was probably three inches long from tip of nose to tip of tail.
It was fun to watch it change from green to brown!
We were stuck in a bit of traffic and I had a moment to marvel at how much of a leap technology in cars has come in the last little bit. If I plug my phone into my car, I have access to everything I need from my phone on my car screen…which means that I don’t need my phone out at all to access my maps or anything else (and a bonus perk is that I can also listen to my commercial-free music). Plus, a lot of it is voice activated, so I don’t even have to mess with the screen that much. This is just one of many ways this new car has been a blessing!
Joseph opted not to do crazy hair day (there isn’t much to do with buzzed hair), but I think Abigail did enough for both of them! I spent probably ten minutes trying to convince her that she didn’t need a doll in her hair, but she was pretty determined. I was pretty sure she would not make it the entire day like this.
The back of her hair was a bit too short to make it into the ponytail, but a bunch of clips solved that problem…and added to the craziness.
I was amazed at school pick-up to see that her hair made it the entire day! She asked me to take it out as soon as we got into the car, though, she wanted everything out. I totally understood! It couldn’t have been comfortable for her to lean her head back with all that stuff in her hair.
This is the place Paul went to eat with his coworkers on Thursday.
Let’s just say that it isn’t in the best part of town, haha. Don’t worry…this didn’t happen during their visit.

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