30 weeks

Once again, I win the worst blogger award…lol…apparently it’s been about two months since my last post. I have been super busy ending the school year, dealing with my ever-growing baby-belly, and trying to rest up while I can. So here is what week 30 has laid out for me. I have reached the point where I can’t just roll over in my sleep. I have to shift from one side to my back (dragging my body pillow with me, of course) and then shift from my back to my other side. By this time, I am completely awake, and so is Joseph, so it takes a while to get back to sleep. I love feeling the kicks and nudges, but now he is getting big enough that sometimes it really hurts! I have discovered that I do not like the following things that he has figured out how to do: press down on my tailbone and up on my ribs at the same time and kick me in the ribs. I find it amusing to watch my stomach as it moves (seemingly on its own) and I am thrilled that Paul is finally able to feel it too. Last night he had his hand resting on my stomach so that he could feel Joseph moving around, which he was doing A LOT. After a while, Paul made the comment that it must feel really weird to feel that inside of you. I had to agree with him. It does feel weird, but amazing at the same time. Let’s see…what else has happened lately? Ah…we had a baby shower at work…that was SO much fun! I was almost brought to tears by the generosity and love that I felt from my coworkers. We also drove up to Utah to get one last visit in with family and friends before Joseph comes. We had a wonderfully relaxing week. 🙂  I am looking forward to the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy (yikes!) and only a little scared (though that will probably increase as it gets closer…lol) about the delivery and life after that. Hopefully I’ll get at least one more blog post in before then, but there are no promises for any time after… 😉


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