21 weeks

It’s hard to believe that I am past the hald-way point of this pregnancy! Here are the lows and highs: I am having a hard time sleeping. I am SO not a side sleeper. I am a stomach sleeper through and through. I have a body pillow that I try to curl around, which helps a lot, but I still inevitably wake up with a sore hip (either left or right, whichever side I ended up sleeping on the most). Plus, it’s hard for me to STAY on my side. I will end up on my back sometimes, which might not sound like a big deal, but one time I woke up, on my back, with the bottom half of my right leg all tingly. Now I know what they mean when they say the baby will end up pressing down on certain arteries if the mom sleeps on her back. Yikes! Another negative: my nose and tastebuds have become super sensitive as of late. All of a sudden, smells are stronger and things that are salty/sweet are saltier/sweeter. Luckily, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. I LOVE feeling my little boy move around! Sometimes I’ll just lounge on the couch or the bed, feeling him move around. Another positive: I’m finally looking pregnant, not just pudgy. Now other women can ask me how far along I am without holding their breath for my response 😉 Lastly (though definitely not least on my list): People are SO helpful. Not in-my-face, condescending, annoying helpful, but truly helpful. People at church (I already have some cute homemade bibs from a sweet sister in my ward), people at work (when I drop something on the ground and am looking at it, contemplating just HOW I am going to get it, someone will come jetting over to help), family (we already have a port-a-crib, thanks to my mom, who had an extra one left over from when my brother and sister-in-law’s triplets were babies), and friends (One offered to come over after Joseph is born, just to hold him so that I can sleep…I seriously almost cried). I love the fact that I have made some lasting friendships that will help me during this crazy, stressful, awesome stage of my life!


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