Yummy Food Adventures (Amongst Other Things)

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty average. Aside from having the occasional play date, it was pretty much the normal activities. Yesterday Paul did go to a video games/electronics convention with friends and had a pretty great time while Joseph and I held down the fort. We did notice that the momma bird from last spring has come back to inspect her nest (glad I was too lazy to remove it). I had no idea she’d be back, but Paul said that Phoebies are one of the types that will often come back to previous nests. It would be cool to have more baby birds this spring. The “yummy food adventures” has to do with a couple of new recipes that I tried out this past week. I’ve found quite a few repeatable recipes (meaning we like the food enough to make it again) in my new cookbook and consequently we’ve been having some pretty yummy food. Oh, and Paul took the Honda to a local mechanic (he lives in our neighborhood and has a shop nearby) to try and figure out why it was so smelly…lo and behold, the gas tank was cracked, so that will be getting replaced and we’ll no longer have a smelly car and garage…yay!

The Weekly Weather: We had a few cold days which have been followed by some downright warm ones. Today’s high (as well as tomorrow’s) is supposed to be in the 80s. I guess Mother Nature forgot that it’s winter. Though, it won’t stay like this for long. We’re supposed to have another front coming through that will cool it down again.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Other than work and school, not too much. One big thing is that he was released from the Sunday School presidency and was called to be the Assistant Scout Master for our ward’s scout troop.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’m back in the swing with students, visiting teaching stuff is choo-chooing along as usual, and I’ve started choir practice back up.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: TONS of imaginative play, playing with friends, and showing that he’s got quite the brain in his noggin. The other day, he asked if he could play Paul’s old DS. I told him he could play it for as long as I was in the shower. Without missing a beat, he told me to make sure I took a really, really long shower. Little smartie-pants!

This Week in Pictures:

Lasagna roll-ups: deemed yummy (and Joseph even ate the ground beef, which he normally only consumes when in the form of a cheeseburger).
Shells and cheese (with a homemade cheese sauce and doctored up with bacon and broccoli). Another winner!
IMG_20160126_062400 (1)
Joseph went through a couple days where he HAD to have his plastic T-Rex with him everywhere (even in bed).
A while back, I did a vinyl-on-tile project, but was unsure how to mount it. Paul made a custom frame for it (with a wood back that the tile is affixed to with liquid nails), I painted the frame, and Paul put it up for me. I love it!
When you’re about to start on some homework for one of your online courses (or are already in the midst of it; I wasn’t sure which) and your 4YO asks in a very hopeful voice for you to play catch, what choice do you have?! He loves playing games with his daddy. 🙂
Soccer goals easily double as tents.
Coconut curry chicken. The recipe in my book called for shrimp, but neither of my boys are fans (and we’re not really on a seafood budget…chicken thighs are a bit more affordable than fresh shrimp). It was another hit! Joseph gobbled his down before I was even halfway done with mine. Apparently he likes Indian flavors as much as he likes Chinese flavors and he even willingly ate the chicken (another meat that is usually only consumed if in a certain form; in this case, it normally has to be in the form of nuggets).
I used some of my scrapbooking paper that a friend gave me a while back to make some hearts to add to my decorations to make it more Valentinesey (since February is staring us down already).
I found my door hanger from a few years back and put that up…
…along with some more scrapbook paper hearts. I love having a storm door. I can put all the decorations up on the inside and they can still be visible without being exposed to the elements.
While weeding the front yard, I noticed that not only were some wildflowers still blooming (it seems like there are different ones blooming during each of the seasons), but…
…they were really, really pretty. I’m so grateful for the beautiful world that Heavenly Father has blessed us with!
He had me take the tail (leash, really) off of his puppy backpack and put it on his belt loop so that he could be Nightcrawler from X-Men.
He then proceeded to do some “awesome throwing moves”. 😀
Seriously dangerous cookies. They’re basically citrus shortbread cookies (the green things are candied cherries) and they are SO good! I’m glad that this is all that is left after sharing with friends. 😉 I made some around Christmas time but had leftover candied cherries that I didn’t want to go to waste, so I made another batch. Yum!
image (1)
Paul and a couple of friends at the video game/electronics convention yesterday. 🙂
Reliving his glory days of playing arcade games.
“We give the experience as a whole two thumbs up!”

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