Is Spring On Its Way?

Weekly Happenings: We spent a lot of this past week out of doors. The weather has just been beautiful. We’ve had park play dates, friends over to play, just playing on our own in the back yard, etc. To be honest, we didn’t do much else. It’s nice to have weeks like this on occasion.

The Weekly Weather: As aforementioned, it’s been beautiful. The mornings have been kind of cool (I’ve noticed frost on the grass and rooftops) but then it would warm up throughout the day. The pollen hasn’t even been that bad (yay).

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been kept busy with school and work, as well as his new responsibilities as an assistant scoutmaster (mainly going to a training for it this past week).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not a whole lot out of the ordinary. I’ve finished a couple really good books. I kind of like being in two different book clubs. It provides a lot of suggestions for new stuff to read that I might not have normally thought of. Plus, it’s great to be able to meet up with other women to discuss the books and see different viewpoints and insights. It’s intellectually stimulating (and fun!) which is something I feel I might have needed a bit more of in my life.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed having several play dates and also loved being able to spend some of the money he’s been saving up (if he does well with his responsibility chart he gets a small allowance) on some toys he’s been eyeing for a while. It was a good lesson to sit down, count up his money, and separate the tithing (while giving a somewhat simplified explanation that the bishop uses the money to help people). It was also a good lesson for him to see how much certain things cost.

This Week in Pictures:

I love our back yard! I’m able to set Joseph loose while I get some stuff done inside (specifically cleaning the downstairs…I could check on him every once in awhile, and since it was so nice out, I could leave the sliding door open and hear him playing).
Another place we love: the park in our subdivision. Joseph loves to run around, but he also loves the swings and is constantly asking me for “underdogs”.
Yummy leftovers for lunch. It makes me feel kind of proud of myself when I do something like making a meal that previously seemed “too hard” from scratch.
Sometimes one needs to just kick up one’s feet and relax whilst watching one’s favorite show (Fixer Upper is filmed in Waco and is about families who buy run down houses that will be restored as part of the show).
Playing with one of his new toys, a figure from the game Terraria (similar in design to Minecraft).
Instead of setting out pajamas for Joseph to get dressed in, I’ve been letting him get them on his own…this is the result. He said he was a “cool dude bringing books to be read.”
Of course he had to do some cool poses for Daddy!
He can be such a ham sometimes!
But a loveable one, nonetheless!

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