Two for One

Weekly Happenings: A bit of explanation about the title of this week’s blog. Our tiny dinosaur of a server finally gave up the ghost a little over a week ago, so until the parts that Paul ordered to build a new one came, the blog site was down. Now that he’s had a chance to build a new server and update everything, we’re back in business. Luckily, it’s been a pretty slow two weeks. That fact kind of amazes me, considering the fact that the Christmas holidays are swiftly approaching. Some highlights from the past couple of weeks are as follows: taking Joseph to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops, playing at the park with friends, going to Story Time at the library, playing at home, and attending our ward’s Christmas party.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been rather flip-floppy, to say the least. Some days were cool, others warm enough to wear shorts and T-shirts, and others were cold and rainy. Last night we had a wind/rain storm come through during the wee sma’s of the morning. As we were talking about it today, Paul pointed out that because of where our house is (there’s a street that goes straight out from the front of our house), when the wind blows, it creates a sort of wind-tunnel affect, making it sound a lot worse than it actually is. While I was laying awake, listening to the wind, I worried about our plants, decorations, outside stuff, etc. being blown away. When I took a peek outside this morning, nothing was harmed (or even moved around). I’m very grateful!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Aside from building our new server, he’s been kept rather busy. He volunteered to be in charge of the beautification committee for our neighborhood and found out (kind of after the fact) that he would be in charge of putting up the Christmas decorations at the major entrances to the neighborhood. Consequently, he spent quite a bit of time using the provided budget to build up the sparse decorations as well as decorating the entrances. It was quite the undertaking! On top of that, he is getting ready to do finals for his classes. His plate has been more than full, but he’s handled it like a champ!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly been getting ready for the ward Christmas musical program, which is next week (the choir is singing several numbers and I am also playing my flute for another number). I also hosted book club at our house, kept Joseph happy and entertained, and even managed to squeeze in visiting teaching stuff, piano students, and housework. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been doing quite a bit of imaginative play as of late. It’s really great seeing how his imagination is growing. He also enjoyed snuggling up with us in the glow of the Christmas tree (he says that the tree is his favorite part of Christmas), eating popcorn, and watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. A couple of funny things have happened during the past couple of weeks. First, he insisted that I buy Gogurt (the yogurt in a tube) instead of regular kid yogurt (it’s actually cheaper, so I don’t mind too much) but then refused to eat it out of the tube. He wants it in a bowl so that he can eat it with a spoon. Refined little guy, ha! Second, I watched him take a screen shot of what he thought was a cool move while playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and then save it to the SD card on the Wii. Not only do I NOT know how to do that, but I didn’t even realize it was possible. I guess he did, though! Smarty pants…

This Week in Pictures:

Pretending to be Oscar the Grouch in his trash can.
Pretending to be Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda.
Climbing the giant spiderweb at a nearby park.
He was just a smidge excited to get to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops. 😉
Developing his LEGO building skills.
He wanted an Iron Man mask, so I did my best to provide one for him. Luckily his expectations and my artistic skills are pretty equal. 😉
The ward Christmas party was Polar Express themed.
The kids were encouraged to wear pajamas. I folded and got Joseph a cute pair to wear to the party. He really liked the monkeys. 🙂
Paul took Joseph around to the various activity stations that they had set up for the kids.
Joseph was excited to give me the jingle bell necklace that he made.
Family selfie!!
We decided to go a fun route for our Christmas card photos, so we picked this one and the one above to put on our cards.

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