Giving Thanks and Getting Ready for Christmas

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty fun. At the beginning of the week, we did our normal stuff, but towards the end of the week we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving (some friends of ours came over and we celebrated together) as well as get the Christmas stuff out. Paul had both Thursday and Friday off, so we’ve enjoyed having Daddy home for an extended amount of time. It was a fun family weekend.

The Weekly Weather: It’s finally starting to feel like fall. In fact, the past couple of days have even been cold and rainy. I kind of love it! Eh, who am I kidding?! I seriously love it!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Besides work and school, he spent quite a bit of time setting up our outside Christmas decorations. They look really great! I’m so grateful for his hard work!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I had a bit of extra time on my hands due to the fact that most of my students cancelled due to the holiday. It was kind of nice to have the free time, but I am looking forward to teaching them again this upcoming week.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Joseph was really excited to be able to do Thanksgiving crafts while at story time this past week. He was also happy to get to go to the park a couple different times (before the rain came in). One of the times, he ran to find a stick, called it his sonic screwdriver (Dr. Who uses a sonic screwdriver), and ran off to vanquish imaginary foes (and yes he used the word “foes”). 🙂 Finally, he was BEYOND excited to pack up the fall decorations and get out the Christmas stuff. We have a mini tree that goes in his room that he gets to decorate all his own (with plastic ornaments). I love looking at the magical aspects of the holidays through his eyes. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Our little turkey. 😉
Or is he a tree hugger? 😀
A day of experiments: experiment one (not pictured) was an experiment on trapped sound. He had a plastic container pressed up to his face (over his mouth) and was yelling…probably at the top of his lungs. Luckily his voice was rather muted. Experiment number two (which is pictured) was dropping small plastic jewels into his tuba, and turning them around and around to make them fall out the other end.
It was an “everyone needs to wear a hat” type of day.
Decorating his tree.
He made sure to tell me that he was being like Linus, wrapping a blanket around the bottom of his tree (as in A Charlie Brown Christmas)…but also made sure to let us know that it was not HIS Linus blanket (the blanket he drags around with him a lot of places, such as Linus does).
I love our tree!
I also love the set up on top of our piano.
We actually had to use the heat option on this sucker yesterday. I’m so grateful we got it last year!
No, this is NOT our house! It’s a house that is down the street from us and Joseph noticed the massive amount of lights as we were coming home last night (the picture only captures a portion of the house). We ended up taking a walk last night to go check it out closer. It was so much fun seeing how excited he was!
THIS is our house. When we put up our lights last year (we had LED icicle ones), I looked at them and realized that Paul was right in that they had a bit too much of a blueish tint to them. At the time, we didn’t feel like spending the money to replace them (especially since they were already up on the house, lol). This year, we decided that we really wanted to get some that we liked better, so we went the more nostalgic route (though they still are LED which will be good for our electricity bill). It reminds me of Christmas growing up, and I love it! We also changed out the carriage lights and porch lights to colored bulbs to match. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

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